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Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who won the final five Power of Veto?

BB22 Backgammon
Nicole Franzel and Christmas Abbott pass the time playing backgammon on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2020 cast played in the latest Veto Competition on Saturday and we have the results straight from the live feeds.

There are just five people left in the game, so this was a very important Power of Veto necklace to acquire – especially with the current alliances.

Having just five people, it also meant that everyone would get a chance to compete again this weekend.

For a quick recap, Tyler Crispen was sent home at the latest Eviction Ceremony. Then, later that night, Nicole Franzel won the Head of Household Competition.

On Friday, Nicole nominated Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett for eviction. She had long chats with everyone left in the game and these were the nominees she and Cody Calafiore felt were best for their final two agreement.

Who won the Power of Veto today?

Nicole Franzel won the Power of Veto. She has suddenly started winning competitions again and she is doing it at just the right time for her personal game.

When it comes to resumes for members of the Big Brother 22 cast, Cody is by far putting together the best one on the house. It has been incredible how he continues to win challenges, no matter what he is asked to do in them. But Nicole is helping him a lot now.

Since Nicole is the HOH and also now holds the POV, their final two alliance continues to control the game. Now, they will have a hand in who gets sent to the BB22 jury next.

The Veto Meeting will be hosted on Monday and then the next Eviction Ceremony will be on Thursday night.

As for the episode coverage, the Monday night episode will show how the HOH Competition played out and then who Nicole nominated for eviction.

Then, on Wednesday night, we will all get to see what happened with the Veto Competition and Veto Meeting.

More Big Brother news

Tyler Crispen is giving his post-eviction interviews and we have a report on them that shares several videos. He has been speaking a lot about not having any regrets this season and how he has really missed Angela Rummans over the past few months.

With Tyler out of the house, we also have a new leader for the most popular BB22 cast member still in the game. Here is our report on the latest poll that was conducted by Joker’s Updates.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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