Big Brother 2020 spoilers: What happened with the Veto Meeting?

Enzo During BB Comics
Enzo Palumbo is one of two people that have already made the final three on BB22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers from today now include some news about the last Veto Meeting of the summer.

Now that there are only four BB22 cast members left competing for the $500,000 prize, we are just a few days away from beginning the final Head of Household Competition.

But to get to that point, they first had to play for the Power of Veto one last time, with that challenge taking place on Saturday.

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To quickly recap what has been taking place inside the house, Enzo Palumbo won the HOH Competition that Kaysar Ridha presented. He then nominated Christmas Abbott and Nicole Franzel for eviction.

Then, Cody Calafiore won the Power of Veto. This is the fourth time that he has won it this summer and he has improved an already strong resume that he could present to the BB22 jury very soon.

What happened at the final Veto Meeting?

The final Veto Meeting is going to take place during the Thursday night eviction episode. We don’t expect him to use the Power of Veto and it would have been more dramatic if he wasn’t the only person not on the block.

He could use it, but that would present an odd situation for TV, as the person he saved would then only be able to vote for the other person on the block. Cody is already safe by winning the POV.

The nominees will likely remain Christmas and Nicole for the Thursday night Eviction Ceremony. Cody wants Christmas out and Enzo wants Nicole out, but only Cody has a vote this week.

Christmas tried to appeal to Cody over the weekend, but it seems highly unlikely that he would move away from his final two deal with Nicole. As it stands, it looks like both Enzo and Nicole would take Cody to the final two, so he is really safe after winning that POV.

Normally, the Veto Meeting takes place on Monday, but holding it back is supposed to increase the drama during an episode. The producers can make it more dramatic depending on what footage they show viewers ahead of time.

More Big Brother news

Memphis Garrett has been giving his post-show interviews in which he has answered a lot of questions about why he targeted David Alexander so hard and why he mocked Ian Terry.

There are also some fresh rumors out there about Celebrity Big Brother 3 taking place soon. It could be a way for the network to adjust to not having a new season of Survivor to present this fall or winter.

And speaking of evicted houseguests, Kaysar Ridha and Janelle Pierzina might wear crowns at the season finale. Some amusing banter took place on social media following a live chat session they held and someone even volunteered to make the crowns.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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