Big Brother 17 houseguests Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan guest-starred on new Saved by the Bell episode

Nolan Twins YouTube
Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan played on the Big Brother 17 season. Pic credit: The Nolan Twins/YouTube

The Nolan twins from Big Brother 17 just popped up on a new episode of Saved By the Bell.

When they aren’t working as social media influencers, Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan, who successfully pulled off a twin twist during Big Brother 17, surface every now and then as actresses.

The twins have now added Saved by the Bell to their list of acting credits, as they both appeared on Season 2, Episode 7 of the new Peacock reboot.

With many of the original stars along for the ride, Saved by the Bell was rebooted with a new group of kids enjoying their lives at Bayside High School. And that’s where we saw the Nolan twins pop up for a new episode.

Julia Nolan and Liz Nolan on Saved by the Bell

Mac Morris (the son of Zack Morris, played by Mitchell Hoog) was running a kissing booth to help raise money and collect hours for a spirit competition between high schools. It was then that the two twins showed up with their money in order to get a kiss from one of the stars of the reboot. Their part in the episode was pretty brief, but it was part of a joke and the twins were immediately recognizable.

The twins have also appeared in many other projects over the years as extras or guest stars.

Julia Nolan appeared on two episodes of Star Trek: Picard as Coppelius Android, in the short called The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience (as Bikini Babe), in an episode of Lethal Weapon (Ties That Bind as hot tub reactor), and The Great Indoors as Busty Twin.

Liz Nolan also appeared on Picard as an android, on Lethal Weapon as a hot tub girl, and on The Great Indoors as one of the “busty twins.”

The Nolan twins were also participants on a season of The Challenge for MTV, in addition to their full season of Big Brother during Summer 2015.

More Big Brother 17 houseguests in the news

A number of other Big Brother 17 cast members have been in the news over the past year.

Meg Maley got married to Survivor winner Mike Holloway. She wasn’t the only one to tie the knot, either, as Becky Burgess got married with the Nolan twins in attendance.

And earlier in 2021, Clay Honeycutt got married to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Ashley Prochazka.

Celebrity Big Brother debuts February 2 on CBS. Saved by the Bell is currently streaming on Peacock.

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