Big Brother 15 winner shades Survivor 46, castaway Charlie Davis claps back about troubling BB15 season

Charlie Davis Survivor 46
Charlie Davis is part of the Survivor 46 cast. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

An unexpected feud between a Big Brother winner and a new Survivor player may have just begun.

Three episodes into the Survivor 46 season, it has been rough-sledding for one particular tribe. And viewers have noticed.

One such viewer seems to be BB15 winner Andy Herren, who shared some thoughts on social media.

Andy was part of a very troubled season of Big Brother that aired in the summer of 2013. Numerous racist and homophobic comments made by houseguests that season embroiled the reality competition show in controversy.

It has seemed like CBS wanted to distance itself from that season, with nobody from the BB15 cast returning to play the game again.

The troubled BB15 season and the casting for Survivor 46 set the background for a social media dust-up this week.

Andy Herren shades Survivor 46

“Is this season of US Survivor extremely off-putting or am I just spoiled because Australian Survivor’s casting is so much better???” Big Brother alum Andy Herren posted on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“I am not sure but boy am I having trouble getting into Survivor 46!!!!!!!” Andy added.

His comments led to a fan debate about how badly the Yanu Tribe has played and that castaway Bhanu Gopal has been very distracting.

On the latest episode of Survivor 46, Yanu lost its third-straight Immunity Challenge. They were about to lose a third member (already), but a medical evacuation shifted that narrative.

Survivor 46 player Charlie Davis responds to Andy Herren

Charlie Davis is part of the Siga Tribe and Survivor fans have gotten to know him as the Taylor Swift super fan. During a segment of one episode, Charlie and fellow castaway Ben Katzman took turns trying to name songs from their favorite artists. Charlie went with Taylor Swift, while Ben began naming Metallica songs.

“No but I felt pretty turned off from bb15 actually!,” Charlie wrote in response to Andy.

Andy Charlie BB Survivor Tweet
Charlie Davis from Survivor 46 responds to a tweet from Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren. Pic credit: @charlieLdavis/X

Several social media followers saw the comments from Andy and Charlie, leading to some Big Brother GIFs being used as their responses.

The first one comes from BB21, which also had some troubles. It features Big Brother winner Jackson Michie being very expressive as he enjoys a beverage.

And the second GIF (shared below) comes directly from BB15. It depicts Elissa Slater spitting out her beverage, and the GIF is frequently used on social media.

Will there be more to this reality TV dust-up on social media? Stay tuned.

More news from Survivor 46

Boston Rob Mariano spoke about possibly playing Survivor again. He might also be interested in The Traitors 3.

After a new episode of Survivor, Randen revealed he took a while to heal from his Survivor injury. He suffered the injury in Fiji, but the episode made it look like he got better quickly. That wasn’t the case.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS. Big Brother is currently on hiatus.

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