Beth Bice shares update on her divorce from Jamie plus is she dating again?

MAFS star Beth Bice screenshot image
Beth Bice shares an update on her divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Beth Bice has had some drastic changes in her life over the past few months, but the biggest one is her split from Jamie Thompson.

The Married at First Sight couple opted to end their marriage a few months ago, but the divorce is not yet final.

Beth recently shared an update with her followers and squashed the claims that Jamie filed documents to end their marriage months ago.

There are some discrepancies about that because Beth says she was the one who filed for divorce.

That’s a different story than the one Jamie told in June when he posted a photo from outside the courthouse in Denver, Colorado, and announced that he had filed for divorce.

A few months prior, the 39-year-old had also announced on Instagram that he was taking time apart from Beth to focus on himself.

That separation cemented their fate, and now they’ve called it quits for good.

Beth was more private about their marital issues, but once Jamie went public about their divorce, she started to open up.

Beth Bice denies claim that Jamie Thompson filed for divorce

Beth opened up her Instagram to questions from her followers, and not surprisingly, people wanted an update on the divorce.

The MAFS star revealed they are still officially married and noted that she “filed for divorce on October 3.”

“YES I filed,” she affirmed, “so still going through proceedings.”

Meanwhile, one commenter was confused and asked about Jamie’s claim that he filed for divorce months earlier.

“No,” responded Beth. “I’m pretty accurate when paper work was filed attorney and when I had someone served.”

“Don’t know where that information came from,” she added.

MAFS star Beth Bice answers questions about her divorce
Beth Bice speaks on her divorce. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Instagram

Beth no longer follows her estranged husband on Instagram, so she probably doesn’t realize the information came from him.

Monsters and Critics reported on Jamie’s Instagram post from June 30, where he announced, “I made the decision to go ahead and file for divorce.”

MAFS star Beth Bice comes clean about her dating life

Now that Beth is a single woman again, she’s been having lots of fun with her friends, and a few weeks ago, she was living her best life in DC.

However, an Instagram user wanted to know if the MAFS star was dating anyone special.

“No, I’m not divorced yet so that doesn’t match my morals,” explained Beth. “Plus I’m enjoying the feng shui of my life right now.”

MAFS star Beth Bice answers questions about dating
Beth Bice speaks on her dating life. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Instagram

Beth also told her followers that she’s never been “the type to always be in a relationship. I can self soothe.”

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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