Beth Bice drops another bombshell about her marriage — ‘My ex can’t beat me anymore’

MAFS alum Beth Bice screenshot
Beth Bice shares more details about her marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

If there’s one thing Beth Bice will do, it’s casually drop a bombshell about her marriage to Jamie Thompson.

Most recently she expressed happiness at her pending divorce telling social media followers “My ex can’t beat me anymore.” 

This is not the first time the Married at First Sight star has accused Jamie of being abusive.

Back in March, she told an Instagram commenter that her ex-husband gave her two black eyes.

Beth didn’t share specifics, holding off until after their divorce is officially to spill the tea.

She’ll have to hold out a bit longer because their court date, originally scheduled for April, was pushed back after Jamie filed a continuance.

However, that hasn’t stopped the red-haired beauty from occasionally throwing out nuggets of information about their seemingly toxic marriage.

MAFS star Beth Bice is happier since her split from Jamie Thompson

Beth Bice recently made a few eye-raising comments on Threads while responding to another user who asked, “Divorcees…do you miss being married or are you happier being divorced?”

Several people shared their responses to the question, and we noticed the MAFS alum wrote, “Happier now because my ex can’t beat me anymore.”

Beth Bice comment on Threads
The MAFS alum weighs in. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Threads

The MAFS Season 9 alum got a slew of responses regarding her statement.

However, when a Threads user chided her for staying in her marriage despite claims of abuse, Beth clapped back.

“How did you even allow a man to beat you once?” said the commenter. “This is always a mystery to me. Once is enough for you to END it bcos you might lose your life.”

“Clearly you haven’t had someone just blank on you and beat you with a belt,” retorted Beth.

“You are in a state of shock and you know if you leave your whole world will be turned upside down. That person will make your life a living hell,” Beth added.

MAFS star Beth Bice's comment on Threads
Beth responds to a fan. Pic credit: @justbeth____/Threads

Jamie has remained silent amid the abuse allegations

What’s interesting about Beth’s allegations is her husband’s silence.

After she initially posted on Instagram that he was allegedly abusive towards her we expected a vehement denial from Jamie, but he hasn’t said a word about it.

After Beth made the first claims a few months ago, Jamie took to Instagram to post about finding peace amid their divorce.

He posted a video seemingly unbothered by the disturbing claims as he enjoyed the slopes in the Colorado mountains writing, “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of inner peace #lifeafterdivorce.”

Are you surprised by the allegations being made against Jamie? Sound off in the comment section below.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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5 days ago

not surprised at all. I have lived like that for almost 30 years. They have you scared to death.