MAFS star Jamie Thompson ignores Beth Bice’s abuse claims and says he’s found inner peace

MAFS star Jamie Thompson screenshot
Jamie Thompson talks about inner peace amid his divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Beth Bice made some eye-opening allegations against her estranged husband, Jamie Thompson, a few days ago, revealing that he gave her two black eyes.

The Married at First Sight star didn’t share details about what occurred during the incident, as she’s already indicated all will be revealed after their divorce is finalized.

Meanwhile, we’ve been waiting for Jamie to respond to the abuse allegations, but so far, he hasn’t denied his ex’s claims.

Instead, he shared a post on social media, looking unbothered by all the hoopla as he enjoyed the slopes in Colorado.

Jamie told his followers that he had found inner peace despite the claims made against him.

The newly single MAFS star is also getting support online as people took to the comments to bash Beth.

Jamie Thompson finds ‘inner peace’ as he ignores Beth Bice’s recent abuse claims

If you were expecting a response from Jamie Thompson after Beth shocked us with abuse allegations against him a few days ago, keep waiting.

The MAFS star hasn’t issued a response but made it known that he’s unbothered by the claims.

The video showed a relaxed Jamie on the slopes, clad in his winter gear, as the camera scanned the serene atmosphere.

“Do you hear that?” he wrote on the video. “That’s the sound of inner peace #lifeafterdivorce.”

“Nothing in life is more valuable,” Jamie added in the caption of his post.

Jamie gets support on social media from MAFS fans.

Many people have seen the comments made by Beth on Instagram a few days ago, and Jamie’s social media followers commended him for not clapping back.

“Inner peace is the one thing no one can take from you. It must be given voluntarily,” wrote one commenter. “You’re doing great, Jamie. It’s more difficult to stay out of the mud, but you did it beautifully.”

“Yes after she is bad mouthing you on her page. Terrible! Good luck Jamie 2.0,” added someone else.

One Instagram user slammed Beth in the comments, writing, “I unfollow loud women who lie, accuse, with no proof of accusations! It’s always the loud ones trying to get attention and the quiet ones who say: let the truth reveal itself over time!”

“She was immature and annoying !! Best of luck to you!!” added someone else.

Jamie Thompson gets support on Instagram
Pic credit: @jamie_the_hubby/Instagram

However, one person defended the red-haired beauty adding, “She said you physically abused her. I was a fan of both of you. That’s a pretty serious accusation. Beth is eccentric I hate when people call that nuts.”

Jamie hit the like button on several of the comments in his defense, but he has not responded to the commenter who defended his ex-wife.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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