Below Deck’s Elizabeth Frankini sticks up for charter guest Charley Walters and friends

Below Deck's Elizabeth Frankini defends Charley Walters and his demanding friends.
Elizabeth cleared up misconceptions about Charley and his friends with fans. Pic credit: @bettabird/Instagram

Below Deck stew Elizabeth Frankini is sticking up for charter guest Charley Walters and his friends in a new Instagram post where she calls the trip “crazy.”

The first three Below Deck Season 8 episodes centered around the crew struggling to get it together and dealing with demanding primary guest Charley. Fans have expressed a lot of outrage toward Charley and friends, so he has used social media to defend his behavior several times.

Charley was a repeat guest who dished that producers wanted him to be demanding to the crew. He also explained how his third time made him and friends look like the worst people ever on screen. The primary even commented on the challenges of not having his favorite chief stew Kate Chastain leading the interior.

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Elizabeth joined Rachel Hargrove and Captain Lee, who have also expressed their thoughts on the obnoxious charter guests.

The first charter was overwhelming and crazy

Elizabeth used Instagram to speak out in Charley’s defense while trying to explain what the crew endured during the first charter.

“Yes, our first charter on #BelowDeck WAS crazy, overwhelming & our guests were super demanding in their very particular ways,” Elizabeth captioned a photo of herself and Charley.

“(esp for it being our very 1st as all-new crew on an all-new boat w/ less than 24hours to meet, organize & prepare!) but this IS the yachting industry after all & all of this ridiculousness is NOTHING new. the chaotic energy within this environment is experienced ALL the time, many times even WORSE than pictured on this episode! But we have to not let it completely overwhelm us,” she continued.

She explained that loving the job and believing in herself are constant reminders that anything is possible. Elizabeth encouraged fans not to jump to conclusions about people they do not know.

The drama was part of the job’s fun, which was in part being on a reality TV show. She chalked all of the craziness up to a life experience.

Elizabeth also made it clear that the crew rolled with the punches and the hand they were dealt on the show.


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Positive attitude and good vibrations

Viewers quickly learned that Elizabeth lives her life based on good vibes and positivity. She waxed poetically on the guests and the crew coming together to ensure a good vacation was had by all.

Before ending her lengthy post, the stew talked about the power of staying positive.

“So cheers to positive attitudes & an all-encompassing vibration of love for the opportunity to do this for one another..& most especially, to have so many outside viewers be able to witness it all go down as if they’re there themselves! It’s fun, it’s dramatic, it’s HARD TOUGH DEMANDING WORK & ya know what? It’s reality. Through it all, THIS is the reality,” she shared.

Elizabeth Frankini’s post defending Charley Walters was flooded with comments by followers praising her outlook on life. She didn’t change fans’ perception of Charley, but Elizabeth did earn some more fans of her own.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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