Below Deck: Who is new stew Kaylee Milligan?

Who is Heather Chase's friend Kaylee Milligan on Below Deck? friend
Kaylee is joining the My Seanna crew after stew Jessica Albert quit. Pic credit: @milligans.island/Instagram

Who is new stew Kaylee Milligan on Below Deck? That’s the question as chief stew Heather Chase’s friend joins Season 9.

Heather and Fraser Olender were left in a lurch when third stew Jessica Albert quit hours before a new group of charter guests boarded the My Seanna. The interior crew quickly learned that Jess did more than they thought.

Captain Lee Rosbach struggled to find a replacement, or at least that’s how it came across on-screen. Thankfully, Heather had a stew friend who she worked with before, willing and ready to join the interior team.

Now, as Kaylee becomes the newest member of the Season 9 crew, Below Deck fans can’t help but wonder about the new stew.

Who is new Below Deck stew Kaylee Milligan?

The blonde beauty is no stranger to the yachting world. As mentioned above, Kaylee is a stew who is also very close friends with Heather. The two ladies met when Kaylee worked for Heather and have been best buds ever since.

According to her Facebook profile, Kaylee hails from Silver City, New Mexico but currently calls Fort Lauderdale, Florida home. Kaylee’s LinkedIn page reveals she attended Dixie State University. While in college, Kaylee worked as an event and wedding coordinator, which certainly helped her out as a stew.

After college, Kaylee headed for warmer waters to try her hand at yachting. She kicked off her yachting career working as a sole stew on Motor Yacht Lady Deena 2.

It’s easy to see Kaylee has been bitten by the yachting bug. Kaylee’s Instagram feed is filled with the various travels she’s endured as a stew. A month ago, Kaylee shared a post of a gorgeous yacht she was working on in the Bahamas.

There are no signs of a significant other on any of Kaylee’s social media accounts. One person Kaylee does gush over on social media is her niece. Kaylee loves being an aunt.

How will Kaylee get along with the Below Deck Season 9 crew?

Another question on Below Deck viewers’ minds is – how Kaylee will get along with the Below Deck Season 9 crew? Obviously, she has Heather in her corner, instantly creating some drama.

Fraser has already expressed his concern over one of Heather’s friends joining the team. Yes, his insecurities are on full display, and that will no doubt add tension to his bond with the chief stew.

The recent tension between Heather and Rayna Lindsey over the chief stew saying the N-word will have an impact too. It will no doubt affect what Kaylee thinks of Rayna and vice versa, especially if Rayna and Kaylee continue to bunk together.

Whatever happens, when Kaylee Milligan joins the Below Deck Season 9 crew, one thing is for sure. The addition of Kaylee is bound to bring more drama and craziness to the remainder of the season.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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