Below Deck: Which fan favorite is returning after Kate Chastain’s exit?

A familiar face is returning to Below Deck.
It is not going to be easy to replace Kate Chastain on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

A fan favorite is returning to Below Deck following Kate Chastain’s exit.

Bravo producer Pamela Gimenez recently teased that a familiar face will be back on the reality TV show for Season 8.

As fans know, Kate has chosen to leave the show after six seasons. She announced her departure right after the Season 7 reunion, sparking a fan frenzy.

Since Kate revealed she would not be back, there has been a lot of questions regarding the upcoming season.

Now that Pamela has revealed that a fan favorite is coming back, there are a couple of people social media think could be returning to the show.

Eddie Lucas

There is speculation bosun Eddie Lucas will be the face to return to Below Deck. The reason is that Eddie has already said he would love to come back.

Eddie shared during the Below Deck 100th episode anniversary that it would have been challenging for him to be part of Season 7.

Although he didn’t know any of the deck crew, Eddie admitted the season left a bad taste in his mouth.

There is one previous cast member that Eddie would like the opportunity to work with on the show, Josiah Carter.

“I would love to work with Josiah. I think he would be great to work with,” Eddie expressed during the anniversary special.

Fans will recall Eddie was a deckhand for Season 1 of the show, then returned as bosun for Season 2 and 3.

Brooke Laughton

Not long after Kate’s departure news, Below Deck Med’s Brooke Laughton updated her Instagram bio with the title of Superyacht Chief Stewardess.

Her account is now private, but that did not stop the rumor mill from buzzing that she is replacing Kate.

Brooke appeared during Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean as the second stew. She worked under Hannah Ferrier and was in a relationship with Joao Franco.

Courtney Skippon

Courtney may be a long shot as a familiar face return. However, there is one excellent reason why she may be the one coming back, Captain Lee Rosbach.

The captain is a big fan of Courtney’s even dubbing her the MVP of the disastrous Season 7.

Captain Lee praised Courtney and her behavior following the Below Deck reunion. Besides Kate, she is the only other crew member from the past season he would be willing to work with again.

There are certainly a lot of guesses as to who the fan-favorite returning to Below Deck Season 8 is. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a chief stew, and it also doesn’t have to be someone Captain Lee likes.

Fans are going to wait a few more months before the big reveal.

The good news is that most of Season 8 was filmed before production had to such down due to coronavirus pandemic concerns.

Who would you like to see return to Below Deck?

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