Bravo producer dishes Below Deck Season 8 without Kate Chastain

Below Deck producer previews life on show without Kate Chastain.
Season 8 of Below Deck is going to look a lot different without Kate Chastain. Pic credit: Bravo

Bravo producer, Pamela Gimenez, recently dished what Below Deck Season 8 will be like without Kate Chastain.

The chief stew, who has been with the show since Season 2, announced her departure in February following the Below Deck reunion.

In a recent interview with The Daily Dish, Pamela spoke about the upcoming season of the hit yachting show. Pamela is the Vice President of Current Production at Bravo and has the inside scoop on all the hit series.

She was more than happy to dish what fans can expect from Below Deck when it returns later this year.

Below Deck without Kate

Pamela revealed fans should expect a different show now that the long-time chief stew has said good-bye.

“The new season of Below Deck without Kate is just gonna be different,” Pamela expressed.

“It’s like if we had to replace someone that’s been on for a long time, that’s made their mark, it just allows different energy, it allows a different point-of-view, so many things.”

The Bravo producer understands Kate was ready to make a change. It is part of life. Pamela admitted the departure reflects what truly goes on in the yachting industry.

Kate leaving is another example of how the show is representing the yachting world accurately.

“You have new people. These are real yachties, people that work in the industry, and they jump from boat to boat, area to area, region to region, and it really shows the true testament of what Below Deck is,” Pamela explained.

What fans can expect from Season 8

Kate’s absence will certainly change the dynamic of Below Deck, but Pamela says there are plenty of good things for viewers to look forward to when the show returns.

“So, what I’m most excited about the new season of Below Deck, there’s going to be a familiar face and a fan favorite,” Pamela teased.

No, she is not spilling who the fan-favorite person is, and viewers likely won’t find out until Season 8 premieres. She didn’t even give fans any more details regarding Season 8.

Instead, she simply promised the goal of the network is to cast people fans can connect with on all their shows.

“The one thing I always go back to is the personal stories, why we connect with the cast. Why should I connect with Kate? Like, tell me about them that’s gonna pull me in, which is actually fun because then it’s new stories,” Pamela shared.

Season 8 of Below Deck is going to be different without Kate Chastain. Bravo producer, Pamela Gimenez, has revealed a fan favorite is returning to help soften the blow.

Who do you think is coming back to Below Deck?

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