Below Deck spoilers: Captain Kerry’s new vibe and new demands kick off Season 11 premiere

Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck Season 11
Captain Kerry makes Below Deck his own in Season 11 premiere. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 11 is almost here, and fans have been given a brief glimpse of what to expect from Captain Kerry Titheradge.

It will be an entirely new Below Deck without having Captain Lee Rosbach at the helm.

That’s proven more than ever in a new sneak peek that features the Season 11 premiere kicking off with Captain Kerry taking over.

Fraser Olender helps launch Season 11, arriving first to chat with his new boss.

The two guys aren’t strangers, though, having met at BravoCon weeks before the charter season.

They have a nice catch-up chat before getting down to business.

Captain Kerry Titheradge’s new vibe and new demands kick off Below Deck Season 11 premiere

After some pleasantries, Captain Kerry gives Fraser the resumes for his three interior stews. The captain makes it clear he’s all about letting Fraser run his department how he sees fit.

However, Captain Kerry does give him some words of wisdom regarding becoming a leader and being friendly with his crew. Fraser is the first to admit he learned much during his first stint as chief stew.

A flip of the scene goes to Fraser in his confessional weighing in on Captain Kerry and expressing excitement for working with him. The chief stew also reveals that he’s running his department differently this season while spouting off a witty one-liner.

Could it be Fraser’s trying to take over the hilarious one-liner remarks now that Captain Lee isn’t there anymore?

Only time will tell.

Bosun Jared Woodin arrives next, and boy, does he give off the chill, relaxed vibes. Captain Kerry wastes no time getting to Jared’s experience and the fact that the captain knows Jared’s job very well.

It seems like Captain Kerry will have his eye on Jared and plans to be harder on him than anyone else. Captain Kerry has big expectations for the bosun and the deck team.

More Below Deck Season 11 premiere spoilers

The rest of the crew slowly arrives in the usual first-day meet-and-greet format. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, there are a lot of big personalities on the Season 11 crew, which causes a slew of drama.

Speaking of that drama, tension is already mounting with Below Deck Season 10 alum Ben Willoughby.

He isn’t too happy to be back as lead deckhand instead of bosun. A conversation with Jared only adds more fuel to that fire.

While the crew gets settled, Captain Kerry walks around the boat, commenting on the state of things. There’s no question that Captain Kerry Titheradge will be more hands-on than what Below Deck OG fans are used to from the stud of the sea.

If the brief few minutes of the Season 11 premiere are any indication, it will be one good season.

Captain Kerry brings a new vibe to the franchise – something desperately needed after suffering through Below Deck Med Season 8.

Who’s ready for an all-new Below Deck?

Below Deck Season 11 premieres on Monday, February 5, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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