Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers weigh in on serving sushi on Gary King

Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4
Gary’s latest stunt has Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers grossed out. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers are not happy with a recent episode of the hit sailing show.

This week Gary King was used as a prop for charter guests to eat sushi off his body.

Clad in only boxers, Gary lay on a bar while the crew put wasabi on his nipples and covered the rest of him with sushi.

The guests loved the idea and gave the first mate a shout-out for being such a good sport.

While it goes without saying, the Parsifal III should always give the charter guests a good time.

Daisy Kelliher asking Gary to let the group sushi off his nearly naked body was going way too far for viewers.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers are not here for serving sushi on Gary King

Twitter was on fire with GIFs and comments regarding Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers watching people eat sushi off Gary.

“I’m laughing that were all in agreement that the hairy Gary sushi was a vile, disgusting low point #belowdecksailing,” tweeted one user.

Some Twitter users were upset that there was nothing between his body and the food.

“They really couldn’t like… put a banana leaf or something down first instead of having the sushi DIRECTLY on Gary’s sweaty (he admitted it!) body?! UGH!! 😖🤢 #BelowDeckSailingYacht #BelowDeckSailing,” a different user wrote.

Another used Schmidt from New Girl to display just how gross the scene made them feel. There was also a comment about the crew not receiving a tip for this situation, that was, of course, not the case.

More responses to Below Deck Sailing Yacht guests eating sushi off Gary King

It seems that it wasn’t simply just the display of sushi being eaten off a crew member but rather that it was Gary.

“I want to puke! Gary is the LAST person I’d want to eat sushi from. So gross. #belowdecksailing” read a tweet.

One Twitter user simply said “nope” to the entire idea.

Watching people each sushi off, Gary has ruined sushi for a different user.

Even Mads Herrera said on the show that despite having sex with Gary, she still wouldn’t eat sushi off of him.

There was a tweet agreeing with what the blonde beauty said too.

This isn’t the first time that Below Deck viewers have called out the franchise for having this type of situation.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported on Season 8 then, UNLV quarterback Max Gilliam and his friends were blasted by viewers for requesting to each sushi off a naked model. Max apologized, alluding to the idea not coming from anyone in his group.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-4 are streaming on Peacock.

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