Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers slam Ashley Marti for pushing to be second stew

Ashley Marti
Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers took aim at Ashley Marti for being pushy about the second stew role. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashley Marti has been mired in controversy for her behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht this season.

The slams appear to keep coming with viewers now taking aim at Ashley for pushing to become second stew amid new cast member Scarlett’s arrival, who has little experience as a stewardess.

On the show, Daisy checked Ashley when Ashley came to her and pushed to be given the second stew title. Daisy said that she would be keeping Ashley in a junior role until she could prove that she understood teamwork better.

On Twitter, Below Deck fans are applauding Daisy for being firm with Ashley. In regards to the same topic, viewers are criticizing Ashley for her problematic views on becoming second stew and the way in which she went about things on the last episode.

Ashley Marti was bashed by Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans for her actions around the second stew role

Twitter was ablaze with opinionated Sailing Yacht viewers who wanted to dish on Ashley’s pushiness and motives for stating her case to become second stew.

One viewer remarked, “God bless Daisy for shutting down Ashley’s second stew hunger. Ashley acted like Gabriela was the problem, but Ashley’s immaturity, jealousy of other women, and callousness was the problem and apparently continues to be.”

Tweet about Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @lmcoy7/Twitter

Another wrote, “So Ashley gets her confidence from feeling like someone is lower than her? That’s just disgusting.”

Tweet about Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @__bloud/Twitter

Someone else commented, “Ashley thought stew rankings were ‘kinda obsolete’ when Gabby was 2nd. Now, it’s the role she is begging to have since Scarlett arrived.”

Tweet about Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @tampeezy/Instagram

Yet another Sailing Yacht fan stated, “I hope daisy keeps them as equals and doesn’t give Ashley the 2nd stew job. Girl would soak up that power like an over used a scrubby daddy.”

Tweet about Ashley Marti
Pic credit: @pettymess6/Twitter

Ashley Marti’s hook up with Gary King came under fire from Below Deck viewers

The major issue that propelled Ashley into the negative Below Deck spotlight was her hookup with Gary.

Sailing Yacht viewers know very well by now that Ashley developed an obsession with Gary and made several desperate acts to hook up with him, one of which came under heavy scrutiny.

During a recent episode, Ashley took a blacked-out Gary to a private room under the guise that she would give him a massage. Viewers listened behind a closed door as Gary said no to having sex with Ashley but she announced that he was already inside her. After hearing that, Gary left the room and said the next morning that he didn’t remember having sex with Ashley.

Many viewers think that Ashley crossed a line and that she assaulted Gary in that room because he was too drunk to consent and she knew what she was doing.

Gary has come out and said the situation was blown out of proportion.

He went on Daisy and Alli Dore’s podcast, Beneath the surface with Daisy and Alli, and said that he reached out to Ashley to see if she was okay amid the growing backlash. He confirmed that he had not spoken to her outside of that moment in quite some time.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

She is so immature and desperate!