Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers take issue with Ashley Marti and her hook up with Gary King

Ashley Marti and Gary King
Below Deck viewers are criticizing Ashley Marti for her hookup with Gary King. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers saw the first hookup of the season in the premiere episode of Season 3 between Ashley Marti and Gary King. Opinions about it have circulated on social media.

Ashley’s eyes locked on Gary after finding out that her other prospect on the yacht Tom Pearson was 24-years-old which was below the 28-34 age range she typically went for.

Ashley got Gary alone long enough to press a kiss on him, although he asked her not to, and Below Deck viewers have found Ashley’s approach to be problematic. Critics have been outspoken about Ashley’s disregard of consent and possible motives behind getting with Gary.

Ashley Marti rubbed Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers the wrong way in her hookup with Gary King

On Reddit, a thread was started that outlined how Ashley’s pursuit and then kiss with Gary was controversial.

The title of the thread read, “Not OK Ashley.”

It went on the explain, “Someone help me confirm this sequence of events. It’s hard to interpret through the edits and drunken mumblings.

•Gary said no via ‘don’t put me in that situation’ (flirted stupidly, but still said no).

•Ashley kissed him.

•Gary said no again and pulled away.

•Ashley started trying to pull him back anyway.”

The thread finished by pointing out, “We know Gary is an idiot by his own admission (whoopsie) and with plenty of evidence from last season, but what is up with Ashley? I saw a lot of comments in the discussion about her vibe being off, and I agree. Am I the only one who thought that wasn’t ok? What are y’alls thoughts?”

More opinions were shared by Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers about the Ashey Marti and Gary King hookup

The most upvoted comment in the thread expressed the notion, “Gary also called Sydney out for crawling into his bed when they were boozed and he’d said no. He’s a bit of a c*********k in general, but he seems to have a pretty strong stance on consent.”

Another Below Deck viewer added, “This this this!!! He seemed pretty uncomfortable waking up to that the next day too. The rules should be the same here for women as they are for men— No means N O.”

Reddit thread about Ashley Marti and Gary King's hookup
Pic credit: @u/justdawningonyou/Reddit

The other top comment in the thread made the argument, “I think she watched last season and is in it for fame, so it is all about screen time and shock value- Hooking up with Gary is the best bet.”

Reddit thread about Ashley Marti and Gary King's hookup
Pic credit: @u/justdawningonyou/Reddit

Below Deck viewers know from this season’s trailer that this will not be the only hook up for either of them, and there is more boat romance drama to look forward to.

Aside from crew hookups, fans can also anticipate safety situations taking a turn, interpersonal working relationships going awry, and plenty of fun off and on charter situations to watch.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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