Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Paget Berry claims he didn’t realize Georgia Grobler was crushing on him

Paget and Georgia spent a-lot of time flirting on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
Paget flirted with Georgia all season but thought it was all in good fun. Pic credit: Bravo

Paget Berry claims he didn’t realize Georgia Grobler was crushing on him, despite flirting with each other throughout the first season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

The first mate was in a relationship with deckhand Ciara Duggan. However, that didn’t stop him from enjoying some fun banter with Georgia. They never crossed a line, but Paget and Georgia did get close to it.

Paget Berry was oblivious

During the Below Deck Sailing Yacht reunion, host Andy Cohen wasted no time bringing up Paget’s flirting with Georgia Andy. He wanted to know if Paget was aware of Georgia’s crush and how he felt about it.

Paget thought their banter was nothing more than playful. He didn’t realize that Georgia had developed feelings for him throughout the season.

“It caught me off guard completely,” Paget answered. “I’m not used to women liking me. So, when somebody has liked me, I’m not very switched onto it. So it just sort of caught me off guard and I feel partly responsible for maybe egging that on.”

Ciara was sitting right beside her man as the hot topic was once again discussed. Viewers couldn’t help but wonder if Paget was speaking the truth or simply trying to save face with his girlfriend.

“But when I look back on it, I see it. Oh yeah, I pretty much shouldn’t have said a few of those things,” he admitted.

Are Paget and Ciara friends with Georgia?

Even though Georgia spent most of her time on Parsifal III bantering with Paget, she also became friends with Ciara. The friendship is one of the reasons that Georgia came clean with Ciara regarding her feelings for Paget on the season finale of the Bravo show.

Today, Paget, Ciara, and Georgia are still friends. Last summer, Ciara shared an Instagram post of her and Georgia working together. The two women worked together in the interior once Below Deck Sailing Yacht was done filming.

The three pals say everything is cool between them. Anyone who watched the reunion could tell there was an awkward vibe among the friends.

At least it was entertaining for viewers to watch the love triangle. It was way more enjoyable than watching Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray canoodling in the galley.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is currently on hiatus at Bravo.

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