Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Janelle and Rhett reveal what really went down on charter with Erica and Chuck

Rhett and Janelle are spilling the tea on their Below Deck Sailing Yacht experience with Charles and Erica.
Janelle and Rhett aren’t holding back on their thoughts on the Below Deck Sailing Yacht drama. Pic credit: @houstonhairbabe/Instagram and Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guests Janelle Flatt and Rhett Kenagy are revealing what really went down on the drama-filled charter with Erica Rose and Charles, aka Chuck Sanders.

Rhett and Janelle have become the MVPs of the charter after standing up to Chuck for his horrific behavior. Janelle also shut down Cindi Rose’s claims all guests need to pay for the couch Cindi ruined. Again, another story with multiple angles.

Last week Erica defended Chuck and his actions, claiming he was simply acting. Now Janelle and Rhett are sharing their side of the charter story.

Janelle and Rhett reveal what really went down on the charter with Erica and Chuck on Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

A couple of days after their Below Deck Sailing Yacht stint earned them praise, Rhett and Janelle stopped by Gangplank Report podcast. They spilled all the tea on their experience, including Erica getting the invite to be on the show while Janelle was doing her hair. That’s how Janelle and Rhett ended up being guests on the show.

Rhett admitted he knew from the moment they arrived at the airport, when Erica and Chuck were drunk, they were not on a dream vacation. They were not all on the same flight, so Janelle and Rhett did not witness the plane debacle.

However, they were on a text chain that reiterated the belligerent and unacceptable behavior from Chuck, Erica, and Cindi. They revealed a guest named Greg didn’t board Parsifal III with the group but opted to stay in Spain because of the behavior from Chuck and Erica on the flight over.

The topic of the tip came up too. Rhett and Janelle explained what was told to them versus what’s now being said about them. They made it clear they had no idea how the show worked, so they just believed what Erica told them was the total amount for the trip, including the tip.

When they got off the yacht and back to the hotel, one of the producers called, saying they owed more money.

“And so ‘I said, no, we actually gave cash. I’m sorry. We gave in front of everybody to make sure that this didn’t happen.’ So, in hindsight, they took our money and said it was theirs. I mean, that’s obviously what happened,'” Rhett expressed.

As for the beach drama with Chuck, Rhett shared so much of the exchange was cut out. For example, Chuck called Janelle a b**ch more than the two times featured on the episode. Rhett admitted the last thing he needed was to be sued or sent to jail.

Janelle and Rhett also gushed over chef Marcos Spaziani’s food. She even spilled that she and Susan went down to the galley to apologize for the awful behavior of the other guests. They let chef Marcos know his food was exceptional.

Have they spoken to Erica or Chuck?

Despite the drama, Janelle made it clear they did have a great time in Spain. The experience also bonded them, making their marriage stronger.

Earlier this week, Janelle revealed if she still does Erica’s hair. Rhett and Janelle also shared if they have spoken to them since the charter. Janelle explained Chuck did come into her salon in February to apologize, but she was busy and did not speak to him.

Rhett explained Erica and Chuck only did that because the show was about to premiere. Erica later sent a gift, which was promptly sent back to her.

Thanks to Charles Sanders and Erica Rose, their stint on Below Deck Sailing Yacht may not have been what Janelle and Rhett envisioned, but they would love to go back again.

Janelle and Rhett bonded and adored the crew. They would, of course, not invite Erica or Chuck if they got the chance to return to the yachting franchise.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Central Casting: Chuck and Erica. She was on The Bachelor playing the same roll.