Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans drag Erica Rose and Charles Sanders for ‘trashy’ behavior

Charles Sanders and Erica Ros are blasted by Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers.
Charles and Erica didn’t make a great impression on Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans are dragging Erica Rose and her husband Charles Sanders for their “trashy” behavior, declaring them some of the worst Below Deck guests.

Daisy Kelliher was less than thrilled to learn Erica was coming back for round two on the hit sailing show. The chief stew recalled their negativity from having Erica and her friends on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2.

It turns out bringing her husband Charles did not make Erica less chill than before. Throwing Charles into the mix only added more tension for the crew, especially chef Marcos Spaziani.

Charles and Erica’s mom Cindi were not pleased with the food on their charter. They even compared it to Chili’s quality food before Charles went on a rant about his disgusting breakfast. It’s a scene he now says was scripted with producers.

Scripted or not, Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have put Erica and Charles on blast after watching the cringe-worthy episode.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans drag Erica Rose and Charles Sanders for behavior

Twitter was abuzz with Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers sharing their thoughts on the latest group of charter guests.

Social media didn’t hesitate to roast the couple. The rest of the group remained untouched because they really didn’t have much of a storyline.

One user shared a picture of Colin listening to Charles have a tantrum like a child over the food.

Another user poked fun a Charles, using a picture from his breakfast rant.

Other comments included how Erica and her husband would have thrown children off the Titanic, they are not enjoyable to watch, and remarks on them getting kicked off the plane.

Plus, one Twitter user revealed watching Charles made the person want to punch their TV.

Below Deck fans roast Erica and her husband.
Pic credit: @@Petty_Boop_/Twitter and @stephdion2/Twitter and @LAjuliemccoy/Twitter and @Philomena777/Twitter

Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers declare Charles and Erica ‘trashy’

The Below Deck franchise has had its fair share of not-so-great charter guests. Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s only in Season 3, and it has quite a list too.

After watching Erica and Charles, Below Deck fans have added them to the worst guest list. Twitter was ablaze with remarks about the couple who many think are trash.

Below Deck fans call Erica and hubby trash.
Pic credit: @MeeksMeach/Twitter and @Roxma25/Twitter and @armat33sea/Twitter

One Twitter user gave Charles the worst charter guest award.

Another user declared the couple isn’t fit to shine shoes.

They may have money, but a Twitter user spilled that money can’t buy class when it comes to Charles and Erica.

Charles Sanders and Erica Rose have come under fire from Below Deck Sailing Yacht for their behavior on the hit sailing show.

Do you agree with the couple getting roasted?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Can someone please find the video of Erica Rose’s family, getting kicked off the plane, PLEASE?!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE ENTERTAINING!!!???

1 year ago

I thought it couldn’t get worse than the guy who LICKED his plate clean in Episode 2. But these two, plus the old lady, are by far the WORST! It was cringeworthy. And we still have 2 days left to watch them!!☹️??

1 year ago

Chef Marcos food looked delicious sounds like they were lying and complaining so they can low ball tip them..but then again if they got their own family kicked off a plane for eating their omlett while they were sleep .. so I can believe the constant complaining