Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Chuck Sanders calls his behavior ‘despicable’ and says ‘don’t blame’ Erica Rose

Chuck Sanders from Below Deck Sailing Yacht tells people not to blame Erica Rose for his actions.
Chuck feels bad for how his actions have impacted his wife Erica. Pic credit: Bravo and @ericatherose/Instagram

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Chuck Sanders has called his behavior “despicable” and wants people to stop blaming Erica Rose for his actions.

There’s no question Erica and Chuck brought the drama on Season 3 of the hit sailing show. Chuck’s food rant against chef Marcos Spaziani got him dragged by Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans.

They left a $6500 tip and blamed the horrible amount on other charter guests not paying. Rhett and Janelle debunked those claims and more about the charter recently.

Erica defended her husband, revealing that he was acting during filming. That did little to help the outrage for the couple. Chuck now has spoken out to stand up for his wife and take the blame for his actions on the show.

Chuck Sanders calls his behavior on Below Deck Sailing Yacht ‘despicable’

Although Chuck and Erica’s final episode aired last week, they are still using social media to shut down the haters. Chuck did an Instagram Live the other night to answer questions, explain his behavior, and defend Erica against the trolls.

At first, Erica posted the live video to her Instagram feed, but it has since been deleted. The Instagram account @itsabravobravoworl captured a few clips of the video and shared it, with a lengthy caption about Chuck and Erica being the worst charter guests.

The footage begins with Chuck admitting his actions were horrible.

“The way I acted on the show was despicable and disgusting, and who I hurt the most was my wife,” Chuck said.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Chuck Sanders doesn’t want Erica Rose blamed for his behavior

Besides admitting that his actions were beyond awful, Chuck really wanted people to stop hating on Erica.

“She’s had followers that have been her fans for 15 years for as long as she’s been around, as long as Instagram’s been around, and now they’re reaching out to her talking about how mad they are at her. And it hurts her and y’all, hey don’t judge her. Please. She misses you guys. I can’t handle it. I don’t like the fact that I did this to her. I apologize to all of her followers. Don’t judge her. There’s not anyone out there that could say that she acted not professionally,” he stated.

Charles Sanders from Below Deck Sailing Yacht admits his behavior was disgusting. As for whether or not he was acting, Chuck said he was and wasn’t.

The one thing Chuck wants people to know is that Erica shouldn’t be held accountable, and he does feel bad for the backlash she’s had to endure.

Does Chuck’s message change your opinion of him or Erica?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Jon O
Jon O
2 years ago

They can cry all they want. You are how you act. I douche is always a douche.

2 years ago

If you are really sorry for your behavior then send a tip of 20k to the crew.

1 year ago

Erica should have stepped up and told her husband to cut the sh*t. She is to blame because she allowed that behavior.
If they ever wanted to come back I’d say “hell no!”

11 months ago

I wish Rhett knocked your ass out, I blame bravo for not vetting scum like you.