Below Deck Med spoilers: Captain Sandy’s warning, Kyle isn’t feeling it, and Natalya stresses over Luka kiss

Luka Brunton on Below Deck Med Season 8
Luka’s make-out with Natalya doesn’t end as he hoped. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med spoilers reveal a new crop of charter guests bring temptation, while two stews are not so into doing their job.

The aftermath of Natalya Scudder making out with Luka Brunton weighs heavy on her.

Not only did she kiss Luka, but her boyfriend AJ called as she was in bed having her little make-out session.

Bravo has given Below Deck Med fans a sneak peek into how that plays out, as well as other drama brewing with the Mustique crew.

The deck team has found a way to work together and even appreciates Max Salvador.

However, once again, the interior team is in shambles, and it’s about to get much worse.

Captain Sandy Yawn has a warning, and Chef Jack Luby has a confession on Below Deck Med

In the sneak peek video, Captain Sandy Yawn gathers Tumi Mhlongo, Chef Jack Luby, and Luka for a preference sheet meeting. It’s revealed the group of guests are young and good-looking, something that has Captain Sandy getting very serious with Luka and Jack.

The captain warns the guys not to cross the line, especially since the women will likely tease them, causing some temptation. Although they listen, in his confessional, Jack admits he once hooked up with a charter guest’s daughter.

Captain Sandy will have more to worry about than the temptation of charter guests on Below Deck Med.

Natalya Scudder reels, and Kyle Viljoen wants to swap

Now that Jessika Asai has returned to the interior fold, Kyle Viljoen decides he’s not feeling service for the upcoming charter. Kyle tells Jessika he wants to switch after asking her about her confidence on service.

Jessika finds the entire conversation weird but agrees to do what needs to be done. When Kyle learns it’s an all-girl charter, his desire to hide in the laundry heightens.

Unfortunately for Kyle, his complaining doesn’t impact her, and she reveals if he’s needed in service, that’s where Tumi will have him work.

After kicking Luka out of bed, Natalya has a freak-out, admitting to Kyle that she wants to leave. The next day, Natalya snubs Luka when he brings her some coffee to get a feel for the situation with her.

Later, she gets a phone call from AJ that sends her into panic mode. Walking to the deck to be alone, Natalya fights with him over what he wants as the guilt over Luka consumes her. Natalya clarifies that if AJ wants her to leave, she’ll be on a plane immediately.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Natalya’s future on the show seems to be up in the air after the most recent episode. That means fans must tune in to find out what happens with Natalya.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Deloris Anderson
Deloris Anderson
7 months ago

i am scared for this on just hope it doesnt add to captain sandys prob should be an eye opener for number is it 7 i think love you captain sandy