Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder shades Jessika Asai over ‘apparent friendship’

Natalya Scudder and Jessika Asai on Below Deck Med Season 8
It looks like Natalya has an issue with another Below Deck Med crew member. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Med star Natalya Scudder has thrown a lot of shade on Season 8, and stew Jessika Asai has become her latest target.

Season 8 has been a rocky one for Natalya, who has been butting heads with chief stew Tumi Mhlongo.

The love/hate friendship between Natalya and Kyle Viljoen continues to cause tensions to run high on the show, too.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Natalya wants a do-over season with Tumi while she called out Kyle for stirring things up.

Tumi and Kyle aren’t the Season 8 crew members Natalya has taken aim at.

It appears Jessika isn’t the friend Natalya thought she was during filming.

Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder shades Jessika Asai over ‘apparent’ friendship

In a recent Instagram Story share, there was a slide of Natalya and Jessika from a crew night out. The two ladies looked fabulous as they were both dressed to kill.

Striking a pose, Natalya was all smiles, and Jessika gave a more pouty look. However, the picture wasn’t what stuck out the most.

“My apparent friend who I was there for all season but wasn’t there for me,” Natalya wrote with a blue heart emoji that matched the color of Jessika’s dress.

Natalya Scudder Instagram Story
Natalya takes aim at her Below Deck Med costar Jessika. Pic credit: @natalyascudder_/Instagram

What happened between Below Deck Med stars Natalya Scudder and Jessika Asai?

Natalya has yet to address what she meant by her words. Perhaps she has been watching the season and learned about some of the things Jessika said about her.

Below Deck Med viewers know that Jessika called Natalya a “mean girl” to Kyle after Natalya and Tumi had another blow-up. There was also the time Natalya and Jessika were cleaning cabins, and Natalya did nothing but complain about Tumi.

In her confessional, Jessika pointed out that she never wanted to get on Natalya’s bad side. That’s what has happened so far; however, the season has barely just begun, with plenty more episodes to air.

While she may not have been a fan of Jessika, Kyle, or Tumi, Natalya has revealed that she was close with chef Jack Luby, Luka Brunton, and Lara Du Preez.

Natalya did recently diss playboy Luka, but she also gave mad props to Lara. They became very close during the season.

BravoCon happens this week, which means Natalya Scudder, Kyle Viljoen, and Tumi Mhlongo will be reunited.

Jessika and Natalya likely won’t reunite until the reunion, so below Deck Med fans will have to wait and see what has Natalya throwing shade at Jessika.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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7 months ago

Jessika is a fake like that. She’d cheat on her bf to get laid while on charter. I know her first hand

7 months ago

I wouldn’t worry about Jessika, she doesn’t have a single thought of her own in her head.