Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder wants a do-over with Tumi Mhlongo, slams Kyle Viljoen for stirring the pot

Natalya Scudder on Below Deck Med Season 8
Natalya gets real about her Below Deck Med drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Natalya Scudder has opened up about her wish to have a “do-over” with Tumi Mhlongo amid their recent on-screen Below Deck Med drama.

The stew has also called out her Below Deck Med Season 7 costar and frenemy, Kyle Viljoen, for causing the chaos between the two women.

Below Deck Med viewers know Season 8 has been hard to watch with all the tension and fighting in the interior department.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Natalya was put on blast over her behavior, especially how she acted with Tumi.

After the most recent episode, Natalya took to her Instagram Stories to discuss the season and where she stands with Tumi in a video.

Natalya was brutally honest while also giving some hope that this season will get better.

Below Deck Med’s Natalya Scudder wants a ‘do-over’ with Tumi Mhlongo

“Hey, guys, in regards to last night’s episode, I’m actually sorry that you guys had to view that. It was so toxic, especially from my behalf. I was really not in a good place in the boat at that time,” Natalya began.

The stew explained that she has reached out to Tumi a few times after the past couple of episodes have hit Bravo airwaves.

“It’s horrible, and I do feel like I would love literally a do-over with Tumi again and have like a redo with her,” the stew shared. “Honestly, I just wish, I really wish that we could have just had a nice season together and that we didn’t have that bloody troll ruin it.”

Although she’s not using it as an excuse, Natalya revealed she was going through so much in her personal life with her boyfriend. Natalya took full responsibility for her bad attitude, admitting she just didn’t want to be there at the time.

As for seeing Tumi at BravoCon in a few weeks, Natalya couldn’t be more excited to reunite with her chief stew.

“I’m excited. I’m really excited to see Tumi at BravoCon, and yeah, absolutely no, no, no issue with me and her. Well, I don’t know with her,” Natalya spilled.

The Below Deck Med star also promised the season would become more fun. Natalya hopes fans stick with it to see the good after all the crazy drama kicking off the season.

While she may be good with Tumi, Natalya isn’t good with Kyle, and she sounded off about him.

Natalya Scudder does an IG video
Natalya’s IG video of her wanting a second chance with Tumi and calling out Kyle. Pic credit: @Natalya Scudder/Instagram

Natalya Scudder slams Below Deck Med costar Kyle Viljoen

Remember when Natalya said a troll ruined the season for her and Tumi?

It doesn’t take a genius to know she’s talking about Kyle. Below Deck Med fans have dragged him for stirring the pot with Natalya and Tumi.

Natalya brought up Tumi’s text message to Kyle, and Kyle said something different to Natalya than what was in the text to cause drama.

“Yeah, I think he came on with the intentions to literally s**t stir, and he succeeded,” she explained.

The stew also admitted that watching the show back, she’s realizing so much stuff, especially about Kyle. Obviously, she’s working, so she missed a lot when the season was filmed.

On Monday, Kyle appeared on Watch What Happens Live. Kyle denied causing any problems or causing a misunderstanding with the text. Natalya called his response BS.

“I saw Kyle’s Watch What Happens Live. Absolute bulls**t, bro. Like him being like, ‘I said what I said perfectly. I wasn’t trying to, you know, cause any problems. I was just reading it. That’s exactly what I said.’ Like, I literally rolled my eyes back,” Natalya dished.

Since the text and flashback both played out on the episode, it was pretty easy for Natalya and viewers to see who was at fault.

Before ending her video, Natalya asked that her followers keep things positive. Natalya Scudder doesn’t want any hate for Tumi Mhlongo on her social media pages, and she won’t stand for people being negative toward her either.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young
8 months ago

I have nothing bad to say about Tumi. I just wish she had held her temper with Natalya. As for Natalya, if I make it through this season watching, I probably won’t watch another season that includes Natalya. What Natalya needs to do is admit that she didn’t want to step down when Tumi arrived.