Below Deck Med: Malia White opens up about Tom Checketts cheating on her

Malia White from Below Deck Med spills the tea on Tom Checketts cheating drama.
Malia has broken her silence on Tom’s infidelity and the end of their relationship. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Malia White has opened up about Tom Checketts cheating on her, including how she found out he was unfaithful.

Season 5 of Below Deck Med introduced viewers to Tom, Malia’s chef boyfriend, who visited just as chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran got fired. Tom replaced Kiko, causing a slew of fan backlash.

Although Tom and Malia were together at the virtual Season 5 reunion show, a few weeks later, they split. Rumors of infidelity plagued the couple following the break-up, which Malia finally confirmed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

The bosun also alluded to Tom cheating during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6. Malia was still reeling from the spilt while filming the season.

Now Malia is dishing what really went down with Tom leading to the demise of their relationship.

Malia White opens up about Tom Checketts cheating on her

In an interview with Us Weekly, Malia revealed that Tom cheated on her for months.

“Yeah, we were, you know, working on different boats,” Malia explained. “It was when the pandemic had just happened. So, it was impossible for us to see each other. It was right when the show is coming out. It’s obviously a lot going on in our lives. And, yeah, he found someone else on his boats, and I didn’t know for a couple of months.”

The bosun’s response sums up what went wrong in the relationship. Interestingly, it occurred just as they were being portrayed as all lovey-dovey onscreen.

Malia has also spilled how she found out Tom was not being faithful.

“I found out through a friend, and all h**l broke loose,” the Bravo personality spilled.

Malia White says Tom Checketts wants her back

It’s been nearly a year since Malia and Tom called it quits.

Below Deck Med viewers saw her take a call from him on a recent episode of the yachting show. The bosun shared the last time she spoke to Tom was during filming last fall.

Malia claims that despite his actions, Tom is sorry and wants to get back together with her.

“He’s very sorry. He’s apologetic. He wants to get back with me, but wow, not for me,” she shared, making it clear she won’t even consider a recompilation.

Although her boatmance with Tom didn’t work out, Malia’s stance on them hasn’t changed. In yachting, it’s hard to avoid them. However, it’s also hard to maintain them.

“I think there can be healthy ones. I haven’t given up on them, but I don’t really want to jump into another long-distance relationship,” she expressed.

Malia White has no regrets about her relationship with chef Tom Checketts, even though he was a cheater. She did admit that looking back, she definitely would not have had him come on the Bravo show.

You live, and you learn though, that’s Malia’s motto.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Susan Mc Donald
Susan Mc Donald
2 years ago

Yea Malia, karma is a b***h ans so are you.