Below Deck Med: Lloyd Spencer spills the tea on his new girlfriend

Lloyd Spencer from Below Deck Med dishes his lovely girlfriend.
Lloyd has a lot to smile about these days and he credits Below Deck Mediterranean for it. Pic credit: Bravo and @lloydbelowdeck/Instagram

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Lloyd Spencer has spilled the tea on his new girlfriend weeks after going public with the romance.

Ahead of the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show, Lloyd began sharing photos of his special lady friend via social media. Lloyd didn’t reveal any details about her, only commenting on their travels.

At the reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Lloyd if he was dating someone. Lloyd confirmed he was in a relationship with a woman, but that’s all he said.

Now Lloyd has opened up about his new girlfriend revealing why she makes him so happy.

How did Below Deck Mediterranean alum Lloyd meet his girlfriend?

The Bravo personality did an Instagram Live chat with entertainer Sydney Sadick.

They dished all things Below Deck Med, including the close-knit cast. Lloyd praised Malia White as a boss and revealed he has spoken to her most since filming wrapped.

It didn’t take long for Sydney to ask Lloyd about the woman in his life. Sydney wanted to know how things were going with the two of them.

“Very well. We work on the same boat, so I get to see her every day. So going absolutely incredibly. We’ve got some plans to go traveling shortly. So yeah, exciting,” he stated.

Although they are currently working together, Lloyd did not meet his girlfriend on the boat. Lloyd also never revealed her name.

“We’ve known each other for a while. We did meet in the yachting industry, but I joined this boat, and she was working on another one. Then a really great opportunity came up where she could come and join us,” Lloyd explained.

Things have come full circle for Lloyd since he filmed Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6, and he credits the show for helping end up in such a happy place.

“When I look back right before filming and then since the show has come out, so many things have fallen into place. Yeah, and I am so happy at the moment,” he gushed.

What else did Lloyd say about his new girlfriend?

There’s no question Lloyd wants to protect the relationship he’s in from the spotlight. It’s also clear, Lloyd has found one special lady. Lloyd shared some of the qualities that make her his person.

“Okay, so. From very early on, we were very comfortable. Lots of silliness. She is always pushing to go out and explore and do interesting things and stuff. So, occasionally there’s a night in that she’s all for watching a film and stuff. But is always going out, making plans. You know talking about where we want to travel to next. So, yeah, just someone who is very active and pushes me but is also there supporting me,” revealed grinning from ear to ear.

Lloyd Spencer opened up about his sexuality on Below Deck Med. When it comes to his new girlfriend and their relationship, though, Lloyd’s trying to keep it on the down-low.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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