Below Deck Med: Lexi Wilson wants a raise for carrying show, says she won’t attend reunion

Lexi Wilson from Below Deck Med speaks out about being the Season 6 storyline.
Lexi didn’t hold back calling out Below Deck Mediterranean producers for making her the main focus of Season 6. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Lexi Wilson wants a raise for carrying the show during Season 6 and has admitted she won’t be attending the reunion show.

There is no question that Lexi and her behavior have been one hot topic on Below Deck Med. Thanks to Lexi’s work ethic, new stew Delaney Evans has joined the crew to help the interior get it together.

In a recent Below Deck Mediterranean After Show clip, Lexi, chief stew Katie Flood, bosun Malia White, and Courtney Veale opened up about adding a new member to the team. The move means fewer tips and cabin shuffling for the Lady Michelle crew.

Lexi Wilson wants a raise for carrying Below Deck Med

All the backlash over Lexi on Below Deck Med has prompted her to change her Instagram account to private.

The hate hasn’t stopped her from doing Q&A sessions with brutally honest answers. The Instagram fan account @belowdeckaboveaverage managed to capture some of Lexi’s responses.

One question Lexi responded to was a fan asking what it’s been like for her since the show premiered. It was the reply where the stew claims she wants a raise.

“Asking the people in charge questions on why they choose to leave out clips. That would have given the full picture or proper context, but I got the textbook explanation. That it wasn’t up to them and that it’s a completely different set of people who deals with edits. I just want a raise now that the entire storyline was about me. All the engagement from viewers are because of me and I would like an increase in pay,” she wrote.

Another user commented on the show not featuring Lexi apologizing to crew members Mzi “Zee” Dempers and David Pascoe.

“Yes, they have an agenda (clearly) now that the new narrative is that I’m all of a sudden lazy and do not know how to do my job. I swear they must have ran out of ideas for the show. I mean, I’m carrying the entire plot/show [100%]. They know exactly what they’re doing when they post me. The only engagement they receive from viewers online or Instagram is when they involved me. So, I should be asking for a raise,” Lexi expressed.

Lexi won’t be at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show

There will be a Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion, but Lexi has confirmed she will not be there. She also revealed the crew gathering had not been filmed yet.

Lexi revealed her schedule wouldn’t allow her to attend the Season 6 reunion in two separate Instagram Stories. Lexi does with her costars the best of luck at the event.

The news is disappointing to fans who hoped to watch Lexi defend her behavior further and, of course, clash with the other crew members.

A date for the Season 6 reunion has yet to be released. However, since Below Deck Season 9 premieres on October 25, it’s a safe bet the reunion show will be the week before on October 18.

Lexi Wilson is speaking her mind about carrying Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

What do you think about Lexi’s responses?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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