Below Deck Med: Malia White, Katie Flood, Courtney Veale, and Lexi Wilson react to new stew joining Season 6

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew gets real about new stew.
Season 6 of Below Deck Mediterranean added a new crew-member event though no one was fired. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean stars Malia White, Katie Flood, Courtney Veale, and Lexi Wilson react to new stew joining Season 6 crew.

The new season of Below Deck Med has been crazy, with a couple of crew members bringing the drama. Chef Mathew Shea and second stew Lexi have caused lots of problems for the crew.

Thanks to Lexi not pulling her weight in the interior, Katie has agreed to have new stew Delaney Evans join the team. Katie has wanted Lexi gone, but Captain Sandy Yawn continues to push the chief stew to keep Lexi.

Now, as Delaney gets ready to board Lady Michelle, the ladies of the crew are reacting to her joining the team on the Below Deck Mediterranean After Show.

Malia White and Lexi Wilson think new stew evens out departments

The Below Deck franchise has always had three interior crew members and four deck crew members on the series. However, Lexi and Malia felt adding a new stew leveled the playing field for the interior.

“I think it’s easier to make the decision if you look at how many deckhands we have. We have four and three girls in the interior, so it literally makes sense to level up the playing field,” Lexi expressed.

Malia felt that an extra set of hands is always good. Plus, it ensured Malia would have her deck crew outside working the exterior instead of helping inside so much.

“An extra set of hands for the interior meant I like could have all the guys out on deck all the time and hopefully as a team all-around bring up our service level,” Malia spilled during the after show.

Katie Flood and Courtney Veale were on the fence about new stew

While Malia and Lexi might have been on board immediately, Courtney and Katie were on so sure about adding a new member to the team.

“I was hesitant, even though, yeah, like, I sound like a hypocrite because I was complaining the whole time about not having as many stews as I would like,” Katie expressed. “I think it was just daunting at the time cause I am like, ‘s**t, there’s already this dynamic onboard.’ You bring in somebody else, bring in one person, and it can change the whole dynamic.”

The chief stew also didn’t want to feel trapped with a new crew member the way she was with Lexi. Courtney also had some anxiety and nerves about the new addition, especially because one person wasn’t holding her own.

“The thing that was frustrating me about the thing of the whole new stew thing was if it was an extra person coming on just because Lexi isn’t performing,” Courtney explained. “The thought of us having to add a crew member onto the already crew that’s worked there on staff for the whole season just because one person isn’t performing that’s what was kind of frustrating me.”

If the mid-season trailer is any indication, Delaney will certainly add a whole new dynamic to the Lady Michelle crew.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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