Below Deck: Fraser Olender spills the tea on Captain Lee Rosbach tension ‘He’s not too fond of me’

Fraser Olender from Below Deck opens up about Captain Lee Rosbach off-screen drama.
Fraser gets real about his working relationship with Captain Lee and the recent social media feud. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender spills the tea on tension with Captain Lee Rosbach that took place off-screen.

A couple of weeks ago, Captain Lee put Fraser on blast on social media and the stew clapped back at the stud of the sea. Since then, Below Deck fans have wondered what’s going on between the two men off-screen.

They seemed to get along pretty well on the show. Other than when Captain Lee gave stew Jessica Albert a shout-out in a tip meeting that sent a frustrated Fraser into a slight tizzy.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender spills the tea on Captain Lee Rosbach

This week Fraser chatted with David Yontef, host of Behind The Velvet Rope podcast. After Fraser dished on his steamy kiss with lead deckhand Jake Foulger, the conversation turned relationship with Captain Lee.

“You know, Captain Lee and I got along really well. He’s a great captain. He cares about his crew, and he’s a nice, nice guy,” Fraser stated.

Then the stew got real about the recent tension between him and the captain, sharing that Fraser doesn’t think Captain Lee likes him.

“As soon as episodes start to come out, it seems as though he’s got a little issue with me. He’s not too fond of me and on his social media, which is fine. I don’t want everyone’s to be fond of me, but we were really good in real life. I don’t know what’s upset him. I’m just, you know, staying in my lane, letting Mr. OG captain his thing and say what he needs to say. And then hopefully, he’ll like me by the end of the season,” the stew spilled.

Fraser from Below Deck weighs in on Captain Lee’s messages about him

Not only does Captain Lee live-tweet every episode, but he also does a weekly blog. In both cases, the captain is always brutally honest in his opinion.

Fraser has some thoughts regarding what Captain Lee has said about him via his blog and Twitter.

“I think he wants me to stop complaining and bitching about my crew,” Fraser expressed. “It’s all fun and games. I’m not an evil person. You know. Everything I said, I said to their face. You’re never going to see that, obviously, because that’s not fun to watch. Is it? And so, yeah, I don’t think he likes what he saw from the show. But in real life, when we were filming, we were, you know, we’re buds. We have always had good things to say to each other. I did want some more recognition from him, but I want more recognition from everyone. So that’s not too abnormal, but yeah, he was good. I don’t know why he dislikes me, and we’ll leave it there.”

While his friendship with Captain Lee Rosbach has taken a turn, that doesn’t mean Fraser Olender is ruling out a return to Below Deck. The next time though, Fraser wouldn’t mind working with Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean. Fraser feels she would like him much better than Captain Lee.

There’s still plenty of Below Deck Season 9 to play out, so be sure to tune in to find out what goes down with the stew and the stud of the sea.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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he sure has low self-esteem..