Below Deck: Captain Lee blasts Fraser Olender for reaction to Jessica Albert praise, Fraser claps back at him

Captain Lee Rosbach calls out Fraser Olender amid Jessica Albert drama on Below Deck and Fraser claps back at the captain.
There’s tension brewing amid Captain Lee and Fraser thanks to stew Jessica on Below Deck Season 9. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach has blasted Fraser Olender for his reaction to Jessica Albert getting some praise at the tip meeting. Fraser has responded by clapping back at the captain, shedding light on the dynamic of their working relationship.

The stew has been vocal this season regarding on and off-screen. Fraser doesn’t hesitate to share his opinion or set the record straight when necessary. Most recently Fraser and Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier had an interesting social media exchange over his radio mishap.

One person not happy with Fraser and his behavior is Captain Lee. The stud of the sea wasted no time expressing his opinion of Fraser crying to chief stew Heather Chase over Captain Lee giving Jess props for coming out of her shell at the tip meeting.

Captain Lee from Below Deck blasts Fraser Olender for his reaction to Jessica Albert praise

On Below Deck Season 9 Episode 6 Captain Lee tried to lift Jess up by saying he was glad she came out of her shell during the 80s night party. Fraser went into a tizzy over the remark, slamming Jess and whining because he never got any praise from the captain.

Captain Lee had the best response to the stew in his weekly blog post.

“Let me see Fraser, you complain that Jess is walking around in a funk, and it’s bringing you down and when I try to give her some positive reinforcement to maybe snap her out of it and make everyone’s life better on the interior, you get all butt hurt about it. Worry about yourself, and your efforts at trying to remember what you did the night before and I think that will serve you well. You are doing a good job, but if you are that sensitive than perhaps you should pursue a new venture,” the captain wrote.

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender claps back at Captain Lee Rosbach over comments

Not only did Captain Lee write about Fraser’s response in is blog, but he also tweeted about it.

Captain Lee called out Fraser for getting “butt hurt” over the props he gave Jess. The captain also told the stew to get over it.

Fraser soon popped up in the comments section of Captain Lee’s Tweet with a response.

“All I ever wanted was some recognition for my hard work Pleading face Butt hurt?… Jake and I only kissed @capthlr #BelowDeck,” Fraser stated.

Captain Lee and Fraser Twitter exchange.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter and @FraserOlender/Twitter

Well, the tension between Captain Lee Rosbach and Fraser Olender is certainly on the rise as Below Deck Season 9 plays out on screen. The season’s far from over too and with the Jessica Albert drama heating up things are bound to get a lot more entertaining between the two men.

What did you think of Captain Lee’s comments and Fraser’s response?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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