Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on Culver and Jaimee’s boatmance

Culver Bradbury and Jaimee Neale on Below Deck Down Under
Culver and Jaimee have Below Deck Down Under fans talking. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Down Under fans are going off on the boatmance between Culver Bradbury and Jaimee Neale as the season winds down.

The Season 2 finale of Below Deck Down Under airs next week.

Based on recent events, Jaimee and Culver may not stay together through the last crew night out.

After all, Jaimee has eyes for lead deckhand Luka Brunton, and we can’t say we blame her.

Not only is Luka so hot, but Culver hasn’t proven to be the best boyfriend or deckhand this time around on the show.

Twitter was on fire with thoughts on these two, and let’s just say it’s not very positive.

Below Deck Down Under fans sound off on Culver and Jaimee’s boatmance

One hot topic was the fact Culver took Jaimee down into basically the storage area to hook up instead of a nice guest cabin.

“Sry how drunk do you have to be doing stuff in the dumpster dungeon???” read one tweet.

Another wanted to know what was wrong with Culver not going to a bedroom to hook up.

Jaimee having fun with Luka, had one Twitter user commenting on her already, regrating checking yes on Culver’s note.

“There goes Jaimee jumping ship on Culver. Hahaha I called that the 1st episode Luka showed up,” said a tweet.

One questioned why Jaimee even agreed to be Culver’s girlfriend, while another was confused about Culver changing his tune about the Med job for him and Jaimee.

There was even a Twitter user who commented on the way Culver and Jaimee kissed.

Jaimee and Culver comments
Pic credit: @kngarber/@mafiaqueenx/@vincentabruce/@NikkiLincWill/Twitter

Social media wasn’t just taking aim at them over their relationship. Plenty of remarks simply showed they just don’t like Jaimee and Culver.

Below Deck Down Under critics are not here for Jaimee Neale and Culver Bradbury

“And that Jamie… Her outsides might be beautiful, but those insides…IDK. First, she was shady with Tzarina about Culver.  Then she was shady with Culver and the job. Her reaction to Margot requesting experience in service? Questionable…Now LUCA…” read a tweet.

Other comments about Jaimee included her being called “the worst” and “annoying.” There was a remark that she just likes what she can’t have, in terms of how she got Culer and is going after Luka.

Another called her out for making fun of Culver’s lifestyle yet still dating him.

Jaimee Twitter comments
credit: @CumGetPsalm69/@called_feds/@babypancake90/@jencam9973/Twitter

Culver had a lot said about him, too, like a user calling him “Corny.”

A different tweet slammed him for taking Jaimee to the storage area, while he was also referred to as being out of touch with reality.

One user requested that Culver never return to Below Deck Down Under, and one isn’t fond of how Culver talks.

Twitter slams Culver
Pic credit: @vincentabruce/@dezireme2/@LoopPamela/ @kngarber

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under is almost over, and fans are not holding back their true feelings on Jaimee Neale and Culver Bradbury.

Do you agree or disagree with the thoughts about the couple?

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7 on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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