Below Deck: Did Rachel Hargrove really quit Bravo show? Fans weigh in on chef’s rage-filled rant

Rachel Hargrove abruptly walks away from Below Deck.
Fans are outraged over the way Rachel spoke to Captain Lee Rosbach and left the crew hanging on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Did Rachel Hargrove really quit Below Deck? That is the question fans are asking after the chef left the Bravo show in a rage-filled rant.

It was definitely not the scenario viewers were expecting to play out. Shane Coppersmith’s firing was a given, but Rachel leaving was unexpected.

The way she went out and the fact Rachel left the My Seanna at all was the kind of Below Deck dramatics fans have been waiting to occur in Season 8.

Is Rachel really gone from Below Deck?

Rachel no doubt made a grand exit from Below Deck. She went from beloved chef to the chef who had a meltdown over preference sheets.

Now obviously, Rachel’s meltdown was about so much more than a charter guest. The chef was missing her boyfriend, and the coronavirus pandemic was emerging.

Below Deck certainly wants fans to think Rachel quit, leaving the crew hanging hours away from a new charter. The cliffhanger was jaw-dropping for sure, but that doesn’t mean Rachel’s story has ended. She could very well pop back up next week, just like Kate Chastain did in Season 7.

Captain Lee Rosbach has been singing Rachel’s praises since before Season 8 premiered. It’s hard to believe the captain would be such a fan of a chef who left the way Rachel did.

However, would the captain really allow Rachel back on the mega-yacht after her awful behavior?

There was no indication Rachel would not last the entire season. She even recently spilled things between her and bosun Eddie Lucas get really “bad.”

So, either that was a lie to through fans off, or Rachel’s time on Below Deck has not ended.

Fans furious over Rachel’s actions

Twitter was buzzing after Below Deck ended with Rachel’s foul-mouthed rant and exit from the show. The chef’s actions were a hot topic.

One Twitter user called Rachel selfish for leaving the crew with no warming or chef for the upcoming charter.

Fans slams Rachel quitting Below Deck.
Pic credit: @futurebravoleb/Twitter

Another user was quick to point out how Rachel talks about everyone else’s professionalism. Then she unleashes her fury like a sailor.

All in all, fans were shocked by the chef’s behavior. It has become quite hard to shock Below Deck fans. Rachel certainly did in the most recent episode though.

Chef Rachel Hargrove went from one of the most respected Below Deck crew members to one that fans no longer respect. Next week will be the deterring factor in whether or not Rachel can be redeemed.

If she returns, perhaps viewers will give the chef a second chance. If Rachel truly did leave in a rage-filled foul language rant showing no respect for her colleagues, she will become one of the worst Below Deck chefs in the franchise history.

Do you think Rachel really quit, or will she be back in the next episode?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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