Below Deck alum Ashton Pienaar celebrates four years of sobriety

Ashton Pienaar on Below Deck Season 7
Ashton has reached another milestone since leaving Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum Ashton Pienaar has hit four years of sobriety and has opened up more about his journey without alcohol.

Ashton appeared on Season 6 and Season 7 of the OG Below Deck, where he will be remembered for two things.

One occurred during Season 6 of Below Deck when Ashton had a near-death experience after he was pulled underwater by a tow line, but a quick-thinking cameraman saved him.

The other happened on Below Deck Season 7 when Ashton’s drinking was out of control, and he got physically aggressive with Kate Chastain in a van.

If it wasn’t for Chef Kevin Dobson, Ashton would have hit Kate, and it had Below Deck fans coming for him.

Following Season 7, Ashton quit drinking and, the other day, celebrated four years of being alcohol-free.

Below Deck alum Ashton Pienaar celebrates four years of sobriety

Taking to Instagram, Ashton shared a video of him playing with a dog to mark his new milestone. Over the video, Ashton wrote to let his fans know that while reaching four years alcohol-free is a big deal, the little things matter to him more.

Ashton then encouraged his followers to read his very lengthy caption to explain what he was talking about.

“Yesterday was a a big day for me – it’s been 4 years since I chose sobriety. But what I really want to talk about isn’t just this big milestone; it’s the little, everyday moments that have started to mean so much more to me,” he began his message.

The former yachtie shared that the small moments make him so much happier these days. Ashton even referenced him playing with his furry best friend, Bogey.

“It’s not something big, but it means the world to me. And then there are those quiet evenings at home, just being there, really there, and feeling a sense of calm I never knew before,” Ashton shared.

Having moments with his family and friends where he’s fully present are also things Ashton cherishes these days. The Below Deck alum had a big moment last year when he got married, and he also opened up about that in his IG caption.

Ashton Pienaar reminisces about his wedding to celebrate his sobriety

Last fall, Ashton married his longtime girlfriend Sarah in an intimate courthouse wedding with a small dinner party following their I Do’s. Ashton mentioned his special day as one of those little moments he’s grateful to be sober for.

“Remember my wedding day? There was this tiny moment with my wife, something that might seem insignificant – just a look, a smile we shared. Back then, I might’ve missed it, but now, it’s one of my most treasured memories,” he expressed.

Ashton ended his sobriety celebration Instagram post with words about the real things in his life now. The reality TV star also thanked everyone who supported him on his new life journey.

It’s been years since Ashton Pienaar was on Below Deck, and he won’t be back on reality TV soon. Instead, he’s living his best life with his wife and furry bestie.

Below Deck Season 11 premieres on Monday, February 5 at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-10 are streaming on Peacock.

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