BB23 trending after Frenchie from Big Brother 23 complains about fans getting upset at Tiffany

Tiffany As Frenchie On Big Brother
Tiffany dressed up as Frenchie on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

BB23 is back to trending on Twitter, months after the latest season of Big Brother came to an end on CBS.

It’s not a regular occurrence to see a summer season of Big Brother trending on social media during December, but that took place on December 14.

Brandon “Frenchie” French, who was a member of the Big Brother 23 cast, posted an extensive message on his Twitter account, likely, in part, as a response to interactions he has been having with fans both in person and on social media.

Primarily, though, Frenchie was reacting to pushback that Tiffany Mitchell has been receiving from her being friends with Brent Champagne after the problematic situation involving Brent and Hannah Chaddha this past summer.

After Frenchie made the social media posts, many Big Brother fans responded to what he had to say, leading to a lot of them getting blocked by him.

Tiffany Mitchell posts about having any friend she wants

Below is a post that Tiffany made on social media when she was receiving backlash for hanging out with Brent in Florida and then befriending him on Twitter when he activated an account this week.

Frenchie posts a message to Big Brother fans on Twitter

“From the outside looking in you would never understand. From the inside looking out it’s hard to explain…. I learned it’s easy to sit on a couch and judge bb players and their game. Once you walk through those doors it’s a whole different animal. What I mean by this is before bb,” Frenchie wrote on the first of a series of Twitter posts that he made.

Frenchie BB Fans Post
Brandon French had an extended message to share with Big Brother fans. Pic credit: @farmerFRENCHIE/Twitter

“I was judge mental to past players and didn’t understand because you literally can’t until you walk through those doors. I let the fan in me tank my game and if you ever walk through those doors don’t let it tank yours,” Frenchie then posted, as he started to reveal he was just like the fans he is now writing about.

“It’s easy to sit on a couch and be an arm chair QB saying You would do this or that. It’s funny how as a player we see the negative comments or remarks but it’s those same people that when they see us in person want A pic or to talk bb. It’s also funny how some fans try to dictate who as players we can or can’t hang out with or be friends with. The whole point is you don’t actually know these players. I didn’t either until I met them in person and I have apologized to them,” Frenchie went on to elaborate.

Frenchie ended his series of tweets by writing, “To the negative ppl I don’t care that I’m not your favorite, I don’t care that you don’t like me, and I certainly don’t care what you have to say because the keyboard warriors don’t pay my bills… I do.”

Frenchie More BB23 Posts
Brandon French had a lot to say to Big Brother fans. Pic credit: @farmerFRENCHIE/Twitter

Big Brother fans respond to Frenchie from BB23

There have been a lot of Big Brother fans responding to Frenchie on his page or posting on social media how they felt about what he was saying in his tweets.

Here are some messages of support on his page, where he only allowed people who follow him to post:

Frenchie Fans
Some Big Brother fans showing Frenchie support on his page. Pic credit: @farmerFRENCHIE/Twitter

Below are some posts from Big Brother fans who have some thoughts on the BB23 cast:

BB23 Fan About Frenchie
A Big Brother fan who is not a fan of Frenchie. Pic credit: @vote2evict/Twitter
BB Fan Upset At Frenchie
This BB fan did not enjoy Frenchie on BB23. Pic credit: @LyndaShonubi/Twitter

Recap of Frenchie on Big Brother 23

Brandon “Frenchie” French was one of the 16 members of the BB23 cast. He became the first Head of Household of the summer, giving him a lot of power to dictate how the season would begin. As seen on the Big Brother live feeds, Frenchie said he would not be nominating any women or people of color in Week 1.

Then, Frenchie nominated Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez, completely going back on what he had said. When Kyland asked Frenchie why he was nominated after getting promised 100 percent safety from even being nominated, Frenchie got very upset about it and started creating false narratives about the situation. It turned many Big Brother fans against Frenchie, with many pointing out microaggressions that were coming from him.

Below are some video clips of what happened on the BB23 live feeds.

The drama doesn’t seem to be subsiding on Twitter, especially since more and more Big Brother fans have started to notice that the BB23 hashtag was trending.

Fans aren’t going to have to wait too much longer for the next season, either, as CBS brought back Celebrity Big Brother for this winter.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 debuts February 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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tiffany is the epitome of 21st century hypocritical anti-white hate in america. both of these dimwits can GFYS