Barefaced Miona Bell takes 90 Day Fiance fans through her hair and makeup routine

Miona Bell
Miona Bell during an interview on Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance Season 9 star Miona Bell has proven in a recent video share that she looks great with or without her hair and makeup done.

The creator of Miona Beauty took the time to connect with fans by sharing a transformation video where she went from her rolled-out-of-bed look to glam.

The “hair and makeup therapy” video started with a fresh-faced Miona applying moisturizer before the video transitioned to her combing her eyebrows.

The next shot showed Miona applying a liquid foundation followed by a concealer. She then defined her eyebrows with a pencil and highlighter underneath.

Miona contoured her face after that and took fans through the way she applied winged upper eyeliner. Mascara, lip liner, and lip gloss application were the last steps in her makeup routine.

Next, the Serbian native moved on to her hair, which she had down and parted on one side. She used Miona Beauty Hair Wax to smooth out the strands and, save for a bang portion, smoothed her hair into a high bun.

She smoothed the back of her hair down and swooped her bang piece back into the bun before attaching and securing one of her signature ponytails onto the bun.

The end of the video featured Miona serving several looks while modeling the finished product. She also gave a discount code for her products in the caption.

Jibri Bell loves to promote Miona Bell’s success

According to Miona and her husband Jibri Bell, Miona’s beauty brand has seen immense success since its launch in July 2022 while Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance was wrapping up airing.

Around the holidays in 2022, Jibri shared several videos showing the number of packages of Miona’s products she and her team were taking to mail out to customers.

At that time, Jibri said Miona had over “10,000+ customers globally.”

Earlier this week, Jibri took his claims about Miona’s success a step further and said that Miona was now a “millionaire.”

He did so while resharing a video of Miona talking about all the packages she was sending out.

90 Day Fiance viewers watched Miona and Jibri clash with Jibri’s parents

Miona and Jibri might have garnered their 90 Day Fiance fame and success at this point, but it was not without going through hardship on TV when Miona first came to America.

90 Day Fiance viewers watched Miona and Jibri begin their rough road to the altar while living with Jibri’s parents in South Dakota.

They were both uncomfortable with the situation and the rules that were put on them, which caused them to clash with Jibri’s parents.

Specifically, Jibri’s mom had an issue with the way Miona dressed, Miona’s demands of Jibri, and the couple’s plans to have a California wedding.

At the end of their time at Jibri’s parents’ house, feelings were hurt and Jibri’s parents did not attend the wedding. At the Season 9 Tell All, Jibri said he had not seen his mom since he left for the wedding.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-9 are available to stream on Discovery+.

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