Bachelor Nation weighs in on who Christina Mandrell should date on Bachelor in Paradise

Christina Mandrell
Christina Mandrell dishes on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @christinamandrell/Instagram

Christina Mandrell may be gearing up to join her fellow castmates on the Bachelor in Paradise beaches this summer.

Christina, who appeared on the most recent season of The Bachelor with Zach Shallcross, left her mark on the franchise early on with a memorable night one. She was also Zach’s first choice for a one-on-one, where she met his family early on in the experience.

Her friendly personality and openness about being a mother surely made her stand out amongst the other women, however, Zach sent her home after feeling as if she was making the other contestants uncomfortable.

With The Bachelor behind her, it seems as if the Nashville native may not be through with the franchise completely, as she recently dished on potentially joining Bachelor in Paradise.

While no official air date for Season 8 of the spin-off series has been set, it can be assumed that the cast will film sometime this summer and the season will be aired in the fall.

When asked on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast if she’d want to go on BIP, Christina replied, “I mean, never say never.”

“Hypothetically, if I had a ‘friend’ who was thinking about going, since you guys have all been, what’s some advice you would give me? What’s the best day bed there? Should I be calling dibs on one?” she joked.

Christina Mandrell dishes on possibly joining Bachelor in Paradise

Continuing the joke, host and former BIP castmate Jill Chin asked Christina what kind of partner this “friend” would be interested in.

“Yes, this friend is hypothetically me,” she admitted. “I don’t have a type per se. I think in my recent dating years, I have been so open-minded. I proved my own point with not knowing exactly what I want after getting married and divorced, so I have no expectations.”

She then asked hosts Mari Pepin, Aaron Clancy, and Jill who they thought she’d be “cute” with.

Jill couldn’t help but tell Christina that she could see her with Tyler Norris, who she called a “cutie pie.” Jill and Tyler were both co-stars in Season 8 last year.

While Christina admitted that Tyler isn’t exactly her “type,” she said she would be open to exploring the connection — although she did show worry over scaring him away with her “loudness.”

Christina, whose mom is Irene Mandrell and aunt is Country Music Hall of Famer Barbara Mandrell, comes from a famous family already. So, there’s no doubting the fact that music is a huge part of her life, and with a daughter at home, she may just have to make sure her future partner can handle it all.

What kind of partner is Christina looking for in Paradise?

As someone who has roots in the limelight and “queen energy” — as Aaron Clancy put it — Christina is simply looking for a relationship that feels equal.

“I’m in the South, and I’m over the whole toxic masculinity thing. If I go on a date and I ask the guy on a date, I’m gonna pay if I was the one who asked him on the date. I want an equal relationship,” she said.

Christina explained how she wants to “spoil” her man without him feeling like he has to do something in return.

She also said that she has her baby girl to take into account, so there are many more things to consider when choosing the right partner.

Stay tuned for more Bachelor in Paradise updates and whether or not Christina will be gracing the beaches of Mexico later this year.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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