The Bachelor viewers call out Brianna for starting unnecessary drama over Christina comment

Brianna on The Bachelor
The Bachelor contestant Brianna received some heat on social media after Monday night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor left many viewers scratching their heads as contestant Brianna Thorbourne stirred up some unnecessary drama.

While it’s only the second episode of the season, tensions have already been high for the women who are pining for Zach Shallcross’ roses left and right.

Brianna came into the show with a leg up, primarily due to the fact that America voted her as Zach’s first impression rose winner during last year’s After the Final Rose.

During the premiere episode, fellow contestant Christina Mandrell clearly was joking when she told Brianna she “hated” her for already entering the competition with no worry of being eliminated the first week.

While it was a funny comment on Christina’s end, Brianna didn’t take it that way, and she felt the need to say something to both Christina and Zach during last night’s episode.

Christina apologized right away, explaining that she had no intention of hurting Brianna’s feelings.

The situation also led to an awkward conversation with Zach, who clearly didn’t want to get involved in any unnecessary drama and told Brianna she didn’t even have to talk about it with him if the air had already been cleared.

The Bachelor viewers slam Brianna for stirring up pointless drama

After the uncomfortable conversations, many viewers took to Twitter to give their thoughts on Brianna causing drama for no reason.

“An apology was made and it was sincere. Are you really that desperate rn??” One user asked after Brianna stirred the pot.

Another viewer explained, “Christina saying I hate you was most definitely a joke… Brianna that is a reach.”

The memes kept coming, with another viewer tweeting, “Omg Brianna really going to create drama out of that offhanded joking moment???”

Fans also came in to support Christina, with one writing, “I think a 4th grader could have understood that Christina’s ‘I hate you’ didn’t actual mean ‘I hate you.”

The support for Christina didn’t stop, either — “Ok wtf Brianna is overreacting and Christina is being mature af. I cannot believe Brianna is about to start drama over this.”

All in all, the overall viewer reaction was simple — many felt Brianna was turning “nothing into something.”

Did Brianna receive a rose on Monday night’s episode?

While her conversation with Zach had viewers wondering whether or not Brianna would make it to next week, she was the last to receive a rose at the ceremony.

While it was expected for her to be called at the end — to heighten suspense and drama on the show — it’s unclear if she will be one of Zach’s top contenders at the moment.

Zach was clearly disconnected during their chat, even explaining to Brianna that he felt all of their conversations had been stiff due to her having “walls up.”

While America may have voted for Brianna as their favorite in the beginning, opinions have now changed since Monday’s episode, and it’s clear that many fans aren’t rooting for her quite as much.

However, next week’s preview looks even more drama-filled as Zach begins to form real connections with his remaining women.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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