Bachelor Nation jokes about Tre’s uncle Anthony being the next Bachelor lead

Tre Cooper
Bachelor Nation is campaigning for Tre Cooper’s uncle to be the next Bachelor after Tahzjuan Hawkins revealed she dated him. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor lead will reportedly be revealed soon, and Bachelor Nation is placing its bets on who it’s going to be.

While some frontrunners include Greg Grippo, Michael Allio and Tyler Cameron, viewers have recently thrown a wild card into the mix: Tre Cooper’s uncle Anthony.

Anthony has never appeared on the franchise but became a big topic of conversation on Bachelor in Paradise after Tahzjuan Hawkins revealed she knew Tre from dating his uncle.

Viewers loved this humorous tidbit and latched onto it.

Tre ended up giving the people what they want and introduced fans to his uncle on Twitter.

“Too busy w work rn to think of a clever way to do this, so I’m just gonna drop this here and dip. To those who care, meet Uncle Anthony,” he wrote.

Executive producer Robert Mills added onto the joke with a “the more you know” gif.

Bachelor Nation campaigns for Tre’s uncle to be The Bachelor

Now that Bachelor Nation has met Uncle Anthony and know he’s on the dating market, they want him to be the next Bachelor lead.

“Uncle Anthony for #TheBachelor!” One user exclaimed, adding, “(sorry, Tre).”

The Bachelor franchise has teased a senior season of The Bachelor for some time now. One viewer thinks that Uncle Anthony would be the perfect candidate– after all, a casting call was recently put out for single mothers and divorcees.

“I’m not sure how ABC could select anyone other than Tre’s Uncle Anthony to be the first Senior* Bachelor,” one user tweeted.

Viewers are disappointed to hear the potential Bachelor lead

Reality Steve recently spilled that Greg Grippo will most likely be the next Bachelor.

This has caused a wave of disappointment among viewers– especially ones who were hoping Tre’s uncle would get the title.

One fan was convinced the only reason Uncle Anthony wasn’t named the Bachelor is due to contract logistics.

“I guess negotiations fell through with Tre’s uncle? #TheBachelor,” the user joked.

Another viewer tweeted an angry SpongeBob gif and was bummed out that Tre’s uncle wasn’t named the Bachelor.

“I already got used to the idea of Ivan or Tre’s uncle as #TheBachelor,” they wrote.

While Reality Steve indicated that the decision to name Greg as The Bachelor was final, Bachelor producer Mike Fleiss indicated otherwise.

Fleiss also implied that the Bachelor lead had already been chosen on Tuesday.

However, since Reality Steve leaked the news about Greg and Bachelor Nation responded negatively, he hinted that the decision might not be final after all.

Greg is a controversial choice after his tumultuous breakup with Katie. Katie had called him out for gaslighting her and even using the show to boost his acting career during the After The Final Rose special.

Ultimately, Bachelor Nation will have to wait for the official announcement to find out who the Bachelor lead is for sure.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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