Bachelor in Paradise viewers think Wells Adams is throwing shade at Kenny Braasch in this post

Wells Adams, Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin
Wells Adams’ congratulatory post has some thinking he threw shade at Kenny Braasch. Pic credit: ABC

Wells Adams is a beloved member of Bachelor Nation with both fans of the show and the cast sharing their love of the cute and quirky bartender.

However, some Bachelor in Paradise fans are questioning whether there might be some bad blood between Wells and Kenny Braasch after a recent post left some feeling like he might be throwing a bit of shade.

After all, three guys got engaged on the Season 7 finale but Wells only acknowledged two of them, leaving BIP viewers wondering why. It turns out there is a great reason for leaving Kenny out and Wells was quick to explain.

Wells Adams congratulates Joe Amabile and Riley Christian

After Bachelor in Paradise viewers watched three epic proposals on the Season 7 finale, Wells took to Instagram to share his congratulations, but only with two of the guys who got engaged.

Sharing photos of himself with Joe and Riley, Wells wrote, “Just really happy that @joeamabile1 and @rileydchristian found love with me.”

There was no mention of Kenny Braasch, the third guy to get engaged on the series.

Was Wells Adams throwing shade at Kenny Braasch?

It didn’t take long for BIP fans to weigh in on the photo, with questions about why Kenny Braasch was left out.

In the comments, one person asked straight up if Wells was throwing shade, writing, “Shade at Kenny?!”

Pic credit: @wellsadams/Instagram

But Wells was paying attention and quickly responded to the remark, denying that there was anything shady going down.

He wrote, “no, not at all! That’s a crazy day and I just didn’t get a picture. But I love Kenny and Mari!!!”

So it looks like there’s no bad blood between Wells and Kenny. They just didn’t get around to taking a photo together after the proposals and when Wells wrote up his post, he only mentioned the two guys that he did take a picture with.

Are the engaged BIP couples still together?

Another hot question among Bachelor in Paradise viewers after the finale aired is whether the three engaged couples are still together or not.

After the Season 7 finale aired, several couples (and previously broken-up couples) were quick to share relationship updates to let fans know where they stand today. It turns out that a lot of love connections were formed over the summer, making it one of the best seasons yet.

Here’s where all the engaged couples stand now, more than three months after filming their proposals in Mexico.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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