Bachelor in Paradise: Victoria Larson speaks out against haters who criticized her new look

Victoria Larson on The Bachelor
Victoria Larson fires back at critics for hating on her new look. Pic credit: ABC

While Victoria Larson received a lot of hate after appearing on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor, it looks like she will be making an appearance on the new season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Despite some fans who wondered if her bad behavior on The Bachelor would cause her to miss out on Paradise, it looks like she’s getting a second chance to win Bachelor Nation over.

During Matt James’ season, Victoria was known as the villain and often seemed to bully the other female contestants.

After she was sent home by Matt, Victoria received so much hate for the way she treated the other women that she had to temporarily deactivate her social media.

Victoria will get a chance to redeem herself on Bachelor in Paradise, and it’s quite possible she’s changed her ways.

If she hasn’t changed her attitude, she’s most definitely changed her appearance as viewers found her unrecognizable in her Bachelor in Paradise cast photo.

After critics wasted no time calling her out for having work done, Victoria is firing back at the internet trolls.

Victoria Larson speaks out against critics who called her out for her Bachelor in Paradise cast photo

Victoria shared a side-by-side image on Instagram of her cast photo from Matt James’ season of The Bachelor and her new look for Bachelor in Paradise.

The former brunette who used to rock a side part now has long blonde locks and is sporting the trendy middle part.

She also has noticeably plumper lips, and the shape of her face appears to have changed slightly.

Victoria definitely looks like a completely different person, but she wasted no time clarifying what she has and hasn’t had done.

She wrote, “Guys it’s called sleep.”

She went on to admit that she’s had her lips done and used some extra liner for the photograph. She also blamed the pandemic for not being “wrapped around external beauty” during her time on The Bachelor.

She stated that she’s spent time focusing on “both internal and external beauty” and added that she “would appreciate the hateful, hypocritical comments about my appearance and ‘behavior’ while on a tv show to cease.”

Victoria ended her caption by stating, “Plus I was always beautiful so don’t always judge someone from one season.”

While some fans still questioned if she had additional work done, most of the comments she received on the post were positive and uplifting.

When does Bachelor in Paradise return?

The cast for the new season of Bachelor in Paradise was revealed last week, and fans can expect to see many of their old favorites along with a few villains such as Victoria.

It’s also been revealed that bad boy Thomas Jacobs from Katie Thurston’s current season of The Bachelorette will be making an appearance.

Fans will have an opportunity to see if Victoria Larson’s appearance is the only thing that’s changed about her since she last graced our television screens when Bachelor in Paradise returns on Monday, August 16.

Bachelor in Paradise returns on Monday, August 16 at 8/7c on ABC.

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Beth Siler
Beth Siler
1 year ago

Has to be the most hypocritical franchise ever….they banish and attack contestants for not being on the Bachelor for the ‘right reasons’ and call each other out for their outlandish and offensive behavior, yet enable and encourage the very actions they are protesting by re-casting these people time and time again and giving them the forums that they were vying for in the first place.