The Bachelor star Victoria Larson is back on social media and has a message for the haters

The Bachelor star Victoria Larson is back on social media and has a message for the haters
The Bachelor star Victoria Larson is back on social media. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Victoria Larson has returned to social media after leaving after being eliminated from the show.

It’s no secret that Victoria became the villain on Matt James’ season because of how she talked to the other women. Viewers had plenty of negative things to say about her, and it got so bad that Victoria decided to remove her social media presence.

Even though she tried to apologize for hurting people’s feelings, fans didn’t think it was sincere.

Victoria Larson has a message for her haters

Victoria decided to step back from social media for a bit, but now she’s back and she has a message for her followers. She doesn’t have time to deal with the haters.

“Dear haters and trolls you bore us to death get the F off my page,” Victoria wrote on Instagram.

Victoria Larson
Pic credit: @bachelorettewindmill/Instagram

Victoria is no longer on The Bachelor, and she may have to answer some tough questions during the Women Tell All. But if she doesn’t go on Bachelor In Paradise, she can slowly distance herself from the franchise.

Victoria’s presence on The Bachelor was controversial, both for viewers and previous Bachelor contestants. There were theories that she had been planted on the show to cause drama, not necessarily to pursue Matt.

Victoria Larson wasn’t the most popular one on The Bachelor

Even though Matt James’ season of The Bachelor was plagued with women labeled as ‘mean girls’ on social media, Victoria clearly stood out. While Matt praised her for her confidence, viewers didn’t see a spark between them.

She wasn’t the most popular woman for Matt, and she wasn’t a viewer favorite either.

Victoria deactivated her social media accounts after her Bachelor elimination, choosing to step away from the spotlight. Even though she claimed she was confident and didn’t care about people’s opinions of her, the backlash was too much, and she decided to step back.

Her decision to delete her social media came after she issued a statement. Even though she had issued an apology, fans didn’t think it was genuine because of how she worded it.

“I think in my effort to make my opinions heard it may have been perceived as bullying by some, and I feel bad if my words and actions offended anyone. I take time each day to reflect and learn the lessons,” she wrote in a now-deleted post.

Victoria hasn’t revealed whether she’s done in the Bachelor franchise or if she would consider returning to Bachelor In Paradise.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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