Ashley Darby thanks RHOP fans for their warm wishes after giving birth to her second child

Ashley Darby films for RHOP
Ashley Darby is happy and healthy after giving birth to her second child. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby left a heartfelt message shortly after giving birth for her fans who supported her throughout her pregnancy.

Ashley laid in her hospital bed with her new baby boy laying on her chest. She gave birth to him on March 2, and she and her baby both seem to be happy and healthy.

She took to her Instagram story to update fans and thank them for their kindness.

“Hello, my darlings. Thank you all so much for the kind and warm wishes that you sent to us,” Ashley expressed in the video. “This is our sweet baby born today. He is absolutely incredible and amazing, and we’re over-the-moon excited.”

She also admitted that it has been hard for her to be away from her firstborn, Dean.

“Michael just left the hospital to go be with Dean and give him some loving. It’s crazy how much I miss my son right now,” Ashley vented. “Even though I’m so happy and blissful with this guy. I just want us all to be together as a family and I know it’ll happen soon. I just miss them so much.”

She ended on a high note concluding, “So, thank you again. I love you all. I cherish you so much. This journey of motherhood just really is getting better.”

Ashley’s second pregnancy

Ashley announced her second pregnancy in September 2020. She made the announcement with an adorable Instagram post.

In the video, her son Dean wore a shirt revealed he was going to be a big brother. Ashley shared her pregnant belly along with her husband Michael Darby in the background.

She surprised her husband in a video that she uploaded in November revealing their second baby’s sex.

During the reveal, Michael rode his bike across Washington DC. He came across a wooded area where his son and wife waited for him. They stood under a sign that revealed that their second baby will be born a boy.

Will the Darbys be having any more babies?

While Ashley has hinted that she would like to have more kids, Michael appears to be done with having children.

He is a bit older than Ashley so it’s not too surprising that he wants to set a cap.

Ashley had expressed in the past that her husband plans on getting a vasectomy once their second child is born healthily.

That day has now come so fans will have to wait and see if Michael stands by his word.

Real Housewives of Potomac is currently on hiatus.

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