Ashley Darby says husband Michael is getting a vasectomy after second baby  

Michael Darby wraps his arm around Ashley Darby.
Michael Darby wraps his arm around Ashley Darby. Pic credit: Bravo

Ashley Darby revealed that her husband, Michael Darby, is getting a vasectomy. The 61-year-old plans to have the procedure after the couple’s second child is born. The Darbys are currently expecting and are also parents to a one-year-old boy, Dean.  

The pregnant reality star spilled the tea on Friday for the podcast Reality Life with Kate Casey. Ashley was asked if the couple planned to have more than two children.  

“No. This is it. This is it,” she replied. “We’re, we’re sticking a nail in it.”

Ashley said that Michael wanted to make it so he could not biologically have children after their next child is born healthy.   

Kate also asked Ashley how she could forgive her husband after all of his indiscretions.

Michael Darby was caught cheating on the RHOP star after a video leaked of him in his undies with a woman at a hotel.  

The 32-year-old said that each of them has had their indiscretions during the marriage and that Michael had forgiven her for hers.  

“I’ve hurt Michael a lot…I made a couple mistakes, and I almost sacrificed our relationship…that, that just is what it is and he forgave me. He’s never brought it up,” Ashley said. “I wanted to give him that same benefit.” 

She added that the couple was always open and honest with each other in the past, so she was blindsided when the hotel video was leaked and he hadn’t told her about the indiscretion. 

Ashley Darby
RHOP star Ashley Darby shows her baby bump. Pic credit: @ashleyboalchdarby/Instagram

Ashley was called a gold-digger when she married Michael 

Ashley said that she was called a gold-digger when she married Michael.

Ashley met Michael when she was bartending at his exclusive club in Washington D.C.  

Michael consoled her one evening at work after she’d lost an internship. She said that after some time had passed, and after she’d worked for him as an intern, she worked up the nerve to ask him out for a drink and he agreed.  

The couple began dating, but the couple’s age difference of 29 years (along with Michael’s wealth) caused people to speculate about her motives.  

Ashley said that the criticism has become worse since joining the RHOP. “I’ve been called a gold-digger. I’ve been called every name in the book,” said Ashley.  

The reality star said that the criticism gets easier over time. She could understand how someone who didn’t know herself or Michael would associate the couple with stereotypes about wealthy men and younger women.  

Ashley saw cheating celebrities while bartending in Washington D.C.   

Ashley said that she met several famous people while bartending at a club in Washington D.C. Ashley met celebrities like Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, and Samuel L. Jackson when she was working at the exclusive L2 Lounge in D.C.  

The former bartender said that she saw several famous people leave at the end of the night with people who were not their spouses or girlfriends, but she declined to name names. 

“I’ve seen some thangs, let me tell ya,” she concluded.   

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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