Are Lolo Jones and Nam Vo dating? The Challenge: Double Agents star travels to Germany for ‘bobsled’ trip

lolo jones and nam vo dating rumors the challenge double agent star heads to germany
The Challenge: Double Agents teammates Nam Vo and Lolo Jones at The Crater to witness an elimination. Pic credit: MTV

As a new year has arrived, The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Lolo Jones is deep in preparation for her next competition, as she is training to compete in Olympic bobsledding.

Her journey has recently taken her to Germany, which just so happens to be the home country of her Double Agents teammate, Nam Vo of Ultimate Beastmaster fame.

While Lolo has seemingly shut down rumors she and Nam are dating, it may still raise eyebrows amongst fans of The Challenge, as Lolo is now sharing a bit from her trip.

Lolo posts on social media about Germany trip

A few days ago, Lolo Jones took to Twitter to inform fans she was heading to Germany. However, her Twitter post was a bit suspicious.

“Heading to Germany. For bobsled,” Jones wrote in the caption, complete with a wink face emoji at the end.

The post (below) also included a GIF of Lolo wearing a winter cap and dark shades as she takes a sip of coffee or tea.

Jones mostly received comments wishing her luck, although at least one person may be onto something.

“For @NamVoOfficial1 don’t lie, make it official already,” one individual replied on the post, referring to the possibility she and Nam are seeing each other.

Lolo shares additional Germany posts on IG

In addition to Lolo’s Twitter post, the Double Agents rookie has shared some funny Instagram posts. Her IG post from two days ago has Lolo sharing a meme of how there’s always a single lady meeting a hot guy on a plane in romantic comedies.

She also included a few shots of herself dressed in comfortable sweats with a mask on and her sweatshirt hood covering her face.

I don’t understand why I’ve never been hit on while traveling,” Jones says in her caption, bringing in Challenge stars including Kaycee Clark, Jennifer West, and Double Agents host TJ Lavin to comment.


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A post shared by Lolo Jones (@lolojones)

In a newer post, Lolo shows herself in a stunning gown holding a glass of champagne, saying that’s how she thought she’d spend New Year’s. She then reveals a few video clips of how she actually is spending it. The clips show her and a rookie bobsledding teammate as they are bundled up in Germany, where it’s cold with snow on the ground.

“Goin to our rooms. We’ve had two COVID tests, so we’re all in the clear,” a masked Lolo says in one of the clips before asking her teammate, Emily, what she thinks of “being over here.”

Lolo received support from Double Agents castmates on the post, including Fessy Shafaat, Tori Deal, and Amber Borzotra. At least one fan brought up her first image on the IG post with reference to her Double Agents teammate, though.

“like you told NAM this is what’s underneath. LMAO,” the person commented about her first image on the post.

Are Lolo Jones and Nam Vo dating?

In just the first few Double Agents episodes, the rookie teammates were featured in a few fun scenes flirting with each other. They even admitted finding one another attractive during their interviews.

In the second episode, Nam Vo was working out outside with Lolo enjoying the hot tub nearby in a bikini. Confessional interviews from Kam Williams, who is with Leroy Garrett, and a married Wes Bergman confirmed that “Nam is hot.”

“My teammate’s kind of growing on me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve seen him come out of the shower a few times, but I’m really liking this chemistry we have,” Jones said in her confessional interview.

“I think Lolo likes me, and I like her too. I wouldn’t say I’m looking for love, but you never know,” Nam said in his confessional, adding it’d be nice to win a million dollars and love on the show.

A little over a week ago, Lolo Jones retweeted a post shipping her and Nam Vo as a couple, based on the Double Agents partners’ flirtation. However, she commented that it wasn’t the romance people wanted.

“I got nothing from him. It broke my heart actually. He said the nicest things on camera but nothing in person. Made me feel like it’s all fraud,” Jones wrote in her tweet.

Lolo’s December 23 Twitter post above indicates Nam was playing to the camera while she felt maybe something more could occur.

That said, her current trip to Germany for “bobsled” still brings some speculation. Just a few days ago, Nam turned 29 years old, so is it possible she was also there to celebrate with her castmate?

Nam hasn’t shown anything with Lolo on recent social media. His most recent Instagram post was a Happy New Year greeting to followers and friends (below).

His IG post also has the location set to Frankfurt, Germany. Lolo also shared some clips on her IG Story of her and bobsledding teammates as they were in Winterberg, Germany. That’s just under two hours from Frankfurt.

Despite what Lolo said about their on-screen flirtation, one can’t help but wonder if the two Double Agents stars are meeting up again in real life.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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