Are Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating? Kim hints at mystery man in The Kardashians

kim kardashian and tom brady
Rumors continue that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady are dating. Pic credit: ©

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating rumors have been swirling as the reality TV star and SKIMS founder had been notably single for months.

She mentioned being single in the premiere episode of Hulu’s third season of The Kardashians, as she’d broken up with Pete Davidson since the previous season concluded.

Davidson was Kim’s first relationship since her tumultuous marriage and divorce involving hip-hop artist Kanye West. At one point in her reality show’s newest season, she even contemplated being content with being single.

However, the upcoming episode looks to bring a mystery man into the picture, who production asks Kim about, even giving the man a name.

The teaser for Episode 3 has a producer asking Kim if it’s “Fred” that she’s messaging or chatting with, a fake name Kim’s pal Scott Disick suggested to protect their identity.

That has prompted speculation that maybe the retired NFL quarterback, who divorced Gisele Bundchen last year, is or was being kept a secret from fans, or it’s someone completely different.

Kim Kardashian teased she’s dating someone named ‘Fred’

A trailer for The Kardashians Season 3, Episode 3 gave fans a tease of Kim dating someone new since her ex-boyfriend Davidson and ex-husband Kanye.

As Kim is dining at a restaurant with Scott Disick, she tells him that her friends wanted her to meet someone. 

“Let’s call this guy ‘Fred,'” Disick says to Kim, asking, “Does he meet the standards?”

“Oh, so meets the standards,” Kim replies.

The scene shifts to Kim having her makeup done for the reality show while messaging someone on her phone.

“Is that Fred?” an off-camera producer asks, and Kim confirms it is.

“Two years my a**,” the producer fires back, likely referring to Kim saying she’d remain single for that long.

In another video clip from the show, Kim lists off what she seeks in a man as her friends get a laugh out of the lengthy list.

“Number one: protect me. Number two: fight for me. Number three: good hygiene. I mean, that’s like a given. I think I should even take that off,” she said, continuing with, “Number four: calm. Five: no mom or dad issues. Six: patient. Seven: supportive. Genuinely happy, successful, good teeth, spontaneous, fun, my friends and family love him.”

Kim also wants her man to “be a role model” for her kids, especially someone her “boys can look up to.” 

She shares four children with her ex-husband: Psalm, Saint, Chicago, and North West.

The reality star added that she doesn’t want any “heavy baggage” since she has plenty of that already. In addition, she wants someone taller than her height who loves to work out, isn’t “clingy,” and has “good taste.”

She dated Saturday Night Live alum Davidson for less than a year, with the relationship overlapping the finalization of her divorce from Kanye. Davidson has moved on to dating actress Chase Sui Wonders, whom he’s co-starred with in the film Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, and his new Hulu series, Bupkis.

Kim hasn’t been linked to anyone beyond speculation that she’s been seeing the man many people believe is the greatest of all time in the NFL and maybe in all professional sports.

Is Kim Kardashian dating Tom Brady?

The teaser clip above for Episode 3 of The Kardashians seems to protect the identity of whoever “Fred” might be, but based on Kim’s response to Disick, this guy is up to her lengthy list of standards.

Tom Brady is one of many individuals who could fit the list, as he’s a pro athlete, motivated, loves his kids, and would stand up for his teammates. There haven’t been many reports of poor hygiene about the seven-time Super Bowl champion either.

Rumors were initially fueled in May when Kim visited Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club in the Bahamas. During her outing, she used Brady’s golf cart, as the former NFL star owns property there. Based on a Paige Six report, Kim was looking into buying property there.

While an insider told Page Six that Brady and Kim are “friendly,” they also said “no romance” existed between them.

Rumors of Brady and Kim possibly dating were swirling again with The U.S. Sun’s report a week later. The outlet indicated a source told them the 45-year-old Brady and 42-year-old Kim recently had dinner. The same source also revealed that Brady and Kim are “just friends” and suggested they are “having fun” together.

Based on a source the media outlet said is close to Kim, she’s been getting Brady’s advice about the vacation property and Bahamas Club.

“He set her up with a few places to look at and she came over [and] they did dinner,” the source said.

That same source also suggested “there is a spark” as Brady and Kim started with Instagram chats and then “moved to phone chatting.”

Fred seems like a good cover for Tom, but as of this report, there’s no confirmation that Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian are dating until they go official on Instagram or elsewhere.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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