Are Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson from Big Brother 19 still together?

Cody And Jessica BB19 Couple
Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf from Big Brother 19. Pic credit: @thejessicanickson/Instagram

A notable showmance was featured on the Summer 2017 season of Big Brother.

Jessica Graf, a VIP concierge from Los Angeles, and Cody Nickson, a construction sales representative from Texas, hit it off quickly.

There was romance in the air that season, as three relationships developed as alliances formed within the cast.

In addition to Jessica and Cody, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen also developed a relationship in the house.

They weren’t the only ones, as Raven Walton and Matt Clines also got close. This was also the summer where Paul Abrahamian from Big Brother 18 returned.

Would any of those relationships last once the cast stepped off the stage on finale night? Only one.

Jessica and Cody bond on Big Brother

In a relatively short period, Jessica and Cody became more interested in spending time with each other than the rest of the BB19 cast.

On Day 23, Cody got evicted, but host Julie Chen Moonves informed him that a Battle Back Competition would happen. The first four evicted houseguests competed to re-enter the game, and Cody won.

The relationship developed further after Cody’s return but had to be paused when Jessica was evicted as the last person sent home before the jury phase.

Cody was evicted the week after Jessica but was sent to the jury house for the rest of the summer. He wouldn’t see Jessica again until finale night when she took the stage with the other people sent home early.

Below is a short video clip from when Cody got evicted and made a quick exit.

Jessica and Cody after Big Brother

After playing Big Brother, Jessica and Cody dated in the real world.

The couple found the spark that had developed on the show was still there.

Jessica and Cody were then invited to appear on The Amazing Race, where they won the $1 million prize and became the first Big Brother team to do so.

The couple ended up getting married and has had four kids together. Jessica gave birth to their fourth baby in December.

Are Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson still together?

Jessica and Cody are still together, and their large family lives in Dallas, Texas. The couple is still going, and the Big Brother showmance has stood the test of time.

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