Are Jackson Michie and Holly Allen from Big Brother 21 still together?

Holly Allen BB21
Holly Allen was part of the BB21 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 21 is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary and many cast members have been in the news.

It has led to some fan questions about the relationship status of Jackson Michie and Holly Allen.

Jackson and Holly had an intense Big Brother showmance in Summer 2019, leading to them trying to continue that relationship in the real world.

As a quick reminder, an underlying twist from the BB21 cast was that two people knew each other outside the house.

Christie Murphy had been in a relationship with the aunt of Tommy Bracco. They kept it under wraps, but it certainly helped the duo last longer in the game.

This was also the season where Nicole Anthony was named America’s Favorite Houseguest as she found a way to survive a strong eight-person alliance that had controlled the house.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen dominate Big Brother 21

A romantic relationship between Jackson and Holly developed early in the Big Brother 21 season. But not too early… as Jackson was into Kat Dunn during the first few days.

The duo made it to the end, with Jackson winning Big Brother 21 in a 6-3 jury vote over runner-up Holly.

Jackson and Holly partied and vacationed with many BB21 cast members following the season. They also kept the spark going in their relationship for a while.

Roughly a year after BB21 had begun, the former houseguests posted on social media about breaking up.

So, to answer that question from some Big Brother fans, Jackson and Holly are no longer together.

What are Jackson and Holly up to now?

Jackson did a rehab stint after playing Big Brother, noting in several videos he uploaded that he had been a “drug addict” before BB21.

Jackson got married last summer after a brief engagement with Caitlin Goodrich. The couple will celebrate their first wedding anniversary in July 2024.

Holly is back to enjoying the farm life and loves fostering dogs. She shares many videos online as she spends time with her dogs and horses.

More news from the Big Brother 21 cast

Nicole Anthony from BB21 just got married. She celebrated her big day with many former houseguests in attendance.

Ovi Kabir also just got engaged to his long-time girlfriend. He surprised her with a proposal while they were out and about.

Additionally, Christie Murphy recently had twins, Tommy Bracco got engaged, and Kathryn Dunn has become a Big Brother online reporter.

Big Brother 21 episodes are all available for streaming on Paramount+. David Alexander and Nicole Anthony from BB21 also appeared on BB22.

Big Brother returns in the summer of 2024 on CBS.

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