Are any couples from Below Deck, Below Deck Med or Below Deck Sailing Yacht still together?

The Below Deck franchise and spin-offs have had a lot of romances but have any of them lasted?
Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht are full of boatmances that don’t usually last past filming. Pic credit: Bravo

Boatmances have become one thing fans of Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht can count on each season.

Over the years, viewers have watched as romance blooms quickly thanks to the tight quarters and limited interaction with other people besides cast members. Some boatmances are full of drama, while others have fans rooting for them as they leave the show together.

What happens after the cameras stop rolling, though. Is there a single couple that met on any of the three yachting shows that are still together?

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Let’s take a look.

Below Deck

After seven seasons, with an eighth right around the corner, Below Deck has given fans quite a few romances over the years.

Below Deck boatmances include Rocky Dakota and Eddie Lucas from Season 3, Ben Robinson and Emily Warburton-Adams from Season 4, Nico Scholly and Brianna Adekeye from Season 5, Rhylee Gerber and Tyler Rowland from Season 6, and Brian de Saint Pern and Courtney Skippon from Season 7.

It is worth noting Tanner Sterback and Simone Mashile hooked up during Season 7. He was a player, so it never turned into a romance. Also, Ashton Pienaar and Laura Betancourt flirted during Season 6, but they never pursued a relationship.

The five Below Deck couples fans watched didn’t have staying power. There is not a single boatmance that flourished once the cameras stopped rolling.

Captain Lee has teased some juicy crew couple drama on Season 8, which will be oh so entertaining for fans.

Below Deck Mediterranean

Although Below Deck Med just finished Season 5, the Bravo show has produced just as many boatmances as the original.

The Season 2 love triangle of Adam Glick, Malia White, and Wes Walton is still one of the most talked-about boatmances in the franchise history. Malia ended up leaving the show in a romance with Wes. They dated for months but eventually split.

Season 3 gave fans João Franco and Brooke Laughton, plus Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson. The Season 4 couple was Aesha Scott and Jack Stirrup. Last but not least is Season 5 duo, Robert Westergaard and Jessica More.

Bobby Giancola crushed on Julia d’Albert Pusey during Season 1, but she had a boyfriend, so nothing ever blossomed.

Like Below Deck, none of the Below Deck Mediterranean couples are still together, not even Malia White and Tom Checketts. They were a couple before he joined The Wellington crew, so that is why they were not listed in the above romances.


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Below Deck Sailing Yacht

There has only been one season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, but it gave fans one of the hated couples in the franchise, Jenna MacGillivray and Adam Glick.

Yes, despite his failed romance with Malia on Below Deck Med, Adam got into another boatmance. Jenna and Adam spent time traveling in his van after leaving Parsifal III but called it quits before the reunion show.

Paget Berry and Ciara Duggan were already a couple before joining the Bravo show, so they don’t qualify as a showmance. They did get engaged this year, though.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 Reunion Part 1 airs on Monday, October 19 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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