Anna Duggar reportedly remains by Josh’s side because of ‘what she was taught in her relationship with God’

Anna Duggar talking about Josh Duggar's betrayal in 2015.
Anna Duggar reportedly won’t leave Josh Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar hasn’t made a single comment publicly since her husband, Josh Duggar, was arrested back in April on child pornography charges.

The last social media post she shared was 12 weeks ago, and it was about the nine baby girls born in a row to the Duggar siblings. Since then, she hasn’t posted a single thing, not even to celebrate her children’s birthdays.

After Josh was released into the custody of two third-party custodians, it was expected that Anna would show up as she visited her husband. That has not been the case. The former 19 Kids and Counting star has kept a very low profile in the weeks since Josh’s release.

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Will Anna Duggar divorce Josh?

Following the revelation that Josh Duggar was arrested on child pornography charges, followers wondered whether Anna Duggar would stand by her man or leave him for good.

According to Fox News, who spoke exclusively to a source close to Anna, she isn’t looking to divorce her husband. It would be a “last resort” for the soon-to-be-mom-of-seven.

The source said, “She and his family are going to stick by him no matter what. They obviously won’t agree with some things he’s done in the past and don’t know what’s happening with what’s going on right now but they’re always going to love him and stand by him and want the best for him, and want him to do things right. They’re never going to be different than that.”

“It’s not just how she was raised. It’s what she was taught in her relationship with God. She’s an amazing young woman, wife, and mom. I just wish it would all be over,” replied the source.

Given what happened in 2015 when Josh suffered back-to-back scandals and cost the family their 19 Kids and Counting show, that isn’t too surprising. Anna stood by her husband then, and so did Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. In fact, they helped to take care of Anna and her kids while he was away. At that point, she was pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, and now, she is pregnant with their seventh.

What’s next for Josh Duggar?

Recently, Josh Duggar’s trial was postponed until November 30. Originally it was set to begin on July 6, but after the defense asked for a postponement until February 2022, the prosecution agreed to a new date later this year.

Speculation is Josh wanted to ensure he would be around for the birth of his seventh child. Anna is due sometime this fall with another baby girl.

He currently remains in the custody of Lacount and Maria Reber and will continue to do so throughout the duration of his trial.

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2 years ago

Ridiculous! If that’s what she was taught about God then she was taught wrong. Pretty sure you are supposed to protect your children from pedophiles. And, Josh is a pedophile. And I wouldn’t put it past him to have done vile things to his own children. She is NOT a good mother!