Anna Duggar mercilessly trolled after return to social media

Anna Duggar confessional
Anna Duggar made quite the return to social media. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar swiftly disappeared from social media following her husband, Josh Duggar’s convictions related to Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

Her last comment on X (formerly Twitter) was from June 2022, when she was heading to visit Josh in a federal prison in Texas.

She deleted her Instagram account, though we suspect she lurks occasionally, if only to keep up with her in-laws and the news they share publicly.

However, the former 19 Kids and Counting star and Counting On mom returned to X to comment on the Donald Trump verdict.

It likely didn’t go how she had hoped, as she was mercilessly trolled.

Anna said, “Who knew it only took twelve votes to prematurely deliver the win for a presidential election?!?! #TrumpHasWon.”

Anna Duggar's recent social media post
Anna Dugger surfaces. Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/X

Anna Duggar trolled after returning to social media

She didn’t think things through when sharing a political sentiment, given the situation she and her husband were in back in 2021.

Followers and critics came out of the woodwork on X to troll the mom of seven.

One threw major shade, writing, “I guess you’re an expert on married men paying hush money to p**n stars.”

That was about the Ashley Madison scandal and the reports made by a woman Josh Duggar allegedly saw while he was working in Washington, D.C.

Someone else replied, “At least you have a husband. So neat . Such a blessing. They’re both felons.”

Another joked, “How’s your hubby doing? Maybe Trump will be his cellmate.”

Anna Duggar didn't get the response she likely wanted
Duggar fans weigh in. Pic credit: @Anna_Duggar/X

Where has Anna Duggar been since Josh Duggar reported to prison?

Anna Duggar seemingly vanished into thin air after Josh Duggar reported to a federal prison in Texas.

For a while, she and her seven children were seen in the Duggar videos shared by family members for Christmas and other events. Anna didn’t say much but participated in the celebrations while still living at the Duggar compound in the warehouse with no windows.

Most recently, she was spotted visiting Josh in prison with her children. Anna’s sister is married to David Waller, who visits Josh frequently. In fact, David and Joseph Duggar were there to see the convicted sex offender earlier this year.

There are still several years left in Josh’s sentence to serve, and he has added time for having a cell phone and other contraband. Anna has continued to stand by his side, spending time in Texas with her children to be closer to where he is.

Some things never change.

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