Joseph Duggar visits Josh Duggar in prison without Anna Duggar

Joseph Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Joseph Duggar visited his big brother Josh Duggar in federal prison. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar has been in FCI Seagoville for nearly two years.

He was initially sentenced to 12.5 years behind bars in May 2022, and a few weeks after that, he was moved to the federal prison.

Since then, news about him and his daily dealings has been nearly non-existent.

Anna Duggar has faithfully visited him, bringing their seven children to see him every chance she gets.

However, his most recent visit didn’t include Anna at all.

The eldest Duggar son was visited by his brother-in-law and one of his younger brothers earlier this week.

Joseph Duggar and David Waller visit Josh Duggar

According to The US Sun, Joseph Duggar and David Waller spent March 4 with Josh Duggar at FCI Seagoville.

The source told the publication, “Joseph and David were there to visit Josh. They both stayed all day. They looked relaxed and happy. They just shared a couple of snacks and chatted all day.”

Anna Duggar was not present during the visit, which was also confirmed by the source.

Clearly, she was comfortable with the situation, as David Waller often attends visits with her and the children to help her with them as she spends time with her husband.

While it wasn’t clear what Joe and Josh talked about while spending the day together, it appeared they were in good spirits outwardly. They had some things to catch up on as the family continues to grow.

Is Joseph Duggar the only sibling to see Josh Duggar in prison?

It is unclear if Joseph Duggar is the only Duggar sibling to visit Josh Duggar at FCI Seagoville.

Visitors must be on an approved list, and then things must be coordinated because the number of visitors may be capped.

Joe was an interesting choice, though. He didn’t attend the trial for Josh in Arkansas at all. Some of his other siblings and siblings-in-law attended most of the trial, if not all of it.

With Joe in Texas, we have to wonder if Kendra Caldwell came down with him and could be spending time with Anna Duggar. Josh’s wife has stayed out of the limelight and seemingly stepped back from the family.

As the years of his sentence go by, it will be interesting to see if more siblings pop up at the federal prison, and with Joe’s visit leaked, if more information about whether other siblings visited will be shared.

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