Anfisa Nava speaks out after Jorge Nava claims she abandoned him in prison

Anfisa Nava comments on estranged husband Jorge Nava
Anfisa Nava has received a lot of hate since estranged husband Jorge was released from prison. Pic credit: @anfisanava_/@mrjnava_/Instagram

Anfisa Nava has never been a 90 Day Fiance fan favorite, but now that Jorge Nava has been released from prison and has been sharing his side of the story, she’s getting more hate than ever before.

The Russian beauty had stayed mostly quiet since last month when her estranged husband was freed from prison. Now, Anfisa is speaking out after Jorge’s appearance on 90 Day Fiance: Self Quarantined.

Anfisa ‘abandoned’ Jorge in prison, blocked his calls

Naturally, 90 Day Fiance fans have quite a few questions about Jorge and Anfisa now that he is a free man.

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Anfisa stayed quiet about their relationship while he was locked up, though she did debut a new boyfriend just months before Jorge’s release.

So when Jorge appeared on the latest 90 Day Fiance spinoff with claims that Anfisa abandoned him in prison, blocking him from calling her, and never showing up for a visit, many who followed the couple over the years were angry.

After all, Anfisa has been criticized heavily during her entire relationship with Jorge for the way she treated him.

Though she acted supportive of Jorge in YouTube videos they made before he served his time, it turns out that she wasn’t the supportive wife after all, and she wasn’t there waiting for her man when he finally walked out of prison a free man.

In fact, Jorge claimed that Anfisa told him she wished his sentence would have been “12 years” rather than the two and a half that he got.

It certainly didn’t help her image when Jorge claimed he found out his estranged wife had a new boyfriend through the internet like everyone else.

90 Day Fiance viewers lash out at Anfisa

Now, Anfisa is breaking her silence, and she has a message for those who keep posting hate in the comments section of her social media and on her YouTube videos.

Jorge Nava’s appearance on Self-Quarantined aired last month and in the time since Anfisa has been abnormally quiet. Now, we know that it’s due to the response to Jorge’s claims.

“There were some things said about me that were not very nice and lot of people came to my social media, especially my last YouTube video, and started leaving their negative opinion that is based on nothing because nobody heard my side of this story so that just kind of killed my desire to post anything on YouTube,” Anfisa explained.

Anfisa made it clear that she is not taking part in 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

“If people are committed to misunderstanding me and misjudging me, they’re going to do it no matter what, no matter if I do good things, do bad things, whatever,” Anfisa said. “People still gonna talk.”

Anfisa also took a moment to appreciate those who still support her, explaining that she is there for them and not for the “haters” before denying that the stories about her are even true.

While Jorge Nava enjoys his freedom, Anfisa is also doing big things. She just graduated from community college and revealed her plans to continue her education in the fall.

She’s also releasing a fitness app soon and continues to train for bodybuilding competitions.

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90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined ended after seven episodes on Monday, June 1. 

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